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    It is interesting to note that those who were previously the most evangelical of "Evernote Evangelists" are now jumping ship, BnF included.


    Our exasperation is now being shared by a significant number of former Power Users. 


    Perhaps we weren't doing something wrong or asking for the wrong features after all.


    Please point out where I ever said anyone should not ask for features or was asking for "wrong" features. 


    Not that it's any of your business, but if you read my posts as to why I'm defecting (feel free to use the search function), you'll see it has nothing to do with something as trivial as this thread.  It's regarding core features that make Evernote totally unusable.  I only wish the "note sorting [dillemma]" was the worst thing wrong with my Evernote experience. 



    "Please point out where I ever said anyone should not ask for features or was asking for "wrong" features..." -- It appears that in your opinion, people were asking for the wrong features here.


    "...if you read my posts as to why I'm defecting..." -- I already know why you're defecting. I read the thread in the course of browsing the forum. My Evernote database is nowhere near as big as yours so your scaleability problems don't apply to me. In other words, to me, your problem is trivial. It's massively major to you of course. It may become a problem for me in the future but it isn't at the moment. We share concerns about Evernote's lack of communication and that their support system also falls down more often than users would like.


    I note that you recognise that the "note sorting dilemma" may be wrong for some people's Evernote experience. In other words, for them, it is non-trivial even if it is not on the scale of your usability problems.


    "Not that it's any of your business..." -- Here's a tip - if you want something to not be any of my business, don't post it on a public forum. See? I can be snippy and passive-aggressive too.


    "(feel free to use the search function)..." -- I didn't need to use the search function as I'd already come across the thread. Whilst we're on the subject of searching the forums, the search function itself leaves a lot to be desired and it takes a lot of burrowing through posts to see if a similar problem has been posted before. So users just give up searching the forum and start a new thread. Yes, some users don't bother using the search tool but hey ho, it's the way of the internet forum and always will be and really isn't a threat to World peace.


    Look, you're a respected member of this community and I recognise that you have been an enormous help to a great many people. But you are snippy and passive-aggressive in too many of your responses because you often view other people's problems as "trivial" when to those users, they are anything but. I am surprised you cannot see this.


    The main point of my post that you quoted was that even the likes of you were looking at alternatives. Your use case is now being screwed up. Other people's use cases have also been screwed up but in different ways that were not trivial to them. That you are leaving is damning for Evernote and should give you a clue as to how much your presence here is respected. I genuinely hope you find a solution to your Evernote frustrations and you continue to share your knowledge on here when you can. 

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  2. @ScottLougheed, you're right on the money.


    As Phil mentioned in the re/code interview, we are considering changing the price of Evernote Premium for the first time since we launched Premium in 2008. As such, we are doing limited tests in some markets, including Canada. We are not doing any price testing in the US at this time. Unfortunately, the Canadian dollar and the US dollar both use the dollar sign ($), so it can be confusing which currency you are seeing. 


    If and when we decide to actually increase the price, we will make an announcement. However, as you pointed out, announcing a test decreases the validity of the test; the announcement would just drive a lot of last-minute upgrades and we would have issues getting any good data, so we are trying to keep it on the down low.


    My eyes are bleeding and my brain just melted.


    This has to be a wind up. Surely?

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  3. Sigh. To be clear, no-one was *ever* doscouraged from making feature reqiests and BurgerNFries never attacked anyone. She freely shared her knowledge & experience, and stated opinions. In my experience, the very people who have left the most venomous posts about her are also the same people who took offense that she dared voice an opinion.

    Has BNF occasionally snipped back at people who assumed the worst when reading one of her typically brief responses to questions they didn't bother to search for the answer before posting, then make assumptions about her original intent and reply angrily? Yes, who wouldn't? She has *donated* countless hours to helping other EN users, as have all the other former Evangalists...so rather than making assumptions about her motives, passing and posting personal judgement, perhaps it would be more useful to just contribute to the knowledge here on the forum, hmm...?





    Meanwhile, moving away from the straw man and back to the point --


    Even respected Power Users like BnF are now looking at alternatives to EN having become exasperated at how EN no longer suits their user case in much the same way that it hasn't suited others', albeit different, user cases in the past. 

  4. It is interesting to note that those who were previously the most evangelical of "Evernote Evangelists" are now jumping ship, BnF included.


    Our exasperation is now being shared by a significant number of former Power Users. 


    Perhaps we weren't doing something wrong or asking for the wrong features after all.

  5. What Gazumped said ^^ plus:


    Put your cursor in the text block and click Menu > Format > Text > Increase Indent Level but this only indents the left of the paragraph and not the right. But combined with changing the font/italicising/whatever, this may be enough for you.


    Another thing you can do is to insert a 1x1 table into which you put your text block. With a judicious choice of % of page width, and an increase in the indent level (Menu > Format > Text > Increase Indent Level again) of the table cell as a whole and not the text inside the cell, you can at least have a text block that is indented on the left and doesn't reach the right margin. Unfortunately however, you can't then get rid of the surrounding lines of the table cell.  

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  6. Hi, Imagenomad. You've misunderstood my concern. Yes, I have a Premium account and have had one for a long time. Yes, I have offline notebooks set up. However, what I wrote is that I often can't get the app to load. I can't get into the iOS app unless I have WiFI. So, having offline notebooks is moot. And that's what I'd like to see Evernote address--the glitch in its mobile app system. Thanks for your reply, though. [Also, to be clear, this is only a concern with iPod Touch. The app on iPad works fine. However, I don't always carry my iPad with me, and it's those times, when I find I have a critical need for certain information, that the iPod Touch falls through because Evernote malfunctions on it.]


    My apologies - I did misunderstand your issue.


    I guess you've tried the uninstall-reboot-reinstall tango that sometimes works?


    If that hasn't worked, your next port of call is to raise a Support Ticket. Whilst EN say that they read the posts here (and I've no reason to disbelieve them), this forum is basically u2u so raising a ticket is the way to go.

  7. Same here, Jonnygreen. It's disappointing. I've had a few events (the last, just about an hour ago) where the information was critical in the moment but, because I was not connected to WiFi and could not be, I could not get access to my Evernote account. The app would open but would not load, and I maintain an up-to-date version, always. Doesn't anyone at Evernote monitor these forums and reply? I pay for Evernote and rely upon it. I would really expect better.


    To be fair, that's the way EN is supposed to work. If you need access to important documents no matter whether you have an internet connection or not, you need have a Premium account and create an "Offline" notebook on your IOS device where notes are stored locally but still synced (unlike a "Local" notebook on the desktop client which is _not_ synced).

  8. This is absolutely crucial. The company itself says that there is no official correct pronunciation. So, I think we have to ask how Hemingway would have pronounced it.

    I favour/favor "Moll-ESK-ee-nay" (with the stress on the second syllable, come gli Italiani). But WWHS?

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