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  1. Glad it's solved but I'd think seriously about using EN as your only repository for experimental data. I'd make a plain text note that's backed up (say, to a thumbdrive or three) that you can also upload to EN for cataloguing.
  2. She treats me mean, she keeps me keen. Or, to put it another way, it's not the disappointment, it's the hope that destroys me.
  3. Well, I did provide a list defining where DT is looking better for me Frank. It works for me for all of my workflow. DT's raison d'être is to be a searchable, robust, scaleable database repository with a useful bit of AI thrown in if you need it. It succeeds at this in spades. I thought I'd be bothered about there being no cloud sync but actually, I now prefer to manually directly sync with all of the security benefits that goes with it. It's OSX/IOS only though. As things stand, to me, maybe to others too, EN has lost its "unbeatable" status for lots of things and those unwanted, unswitch-offable ads it throws at my iPhone and iPad, that Support said months ago they would deal with but haven't, won't convince me otherwise. Like that set of rusty old non-metric wrenches, I'll keep EN in my toolbox just in case. But my shiny new set of metric wrenches will likely get more use and be more useful.
  4. If you're Macced up, DEVONtechnologies products are worth investigating (if you haven't already) especially since Penultimate has fallen out of favour with you. There's a few of us EN users on here who are also DEVONthink users. I'm pretty fed up with EN (I'm a Premium user) and am wondering about jumping ship. In fact, all of my notes for the last month or so have gone to DT (Pro Office version & the IOS client, DT To Go). Two years ago, I would have answered the question, "Why Evernote?" with "Because it's the mutt's nuts". Nowadays, hand on heart, I have to say that there are better* alternatives (like DT and Omni stuff as you've discovered). *Where "better" = "more secure", "less annoying", "less glitchy", "more consistent and predictable in their behavio(u)r", "more secure", "ad free" (even though I'm a Premium user, I get ads that I cannot switch off), "more secure", "nicer interface with customisable toolbars", "rich text or plain text editing", "more secure", et al.
  5. Thanks for the clarification, Wordsgood. I was quoting Evernote's Knowledge Base too - this link - with regards to calendars. Odd that EN should say that given the helpful info you've referenced clearly contradicts this. On the other hand, I'm afraid you've completely lost me with, "Also, last I heard even free users were still allowed to share one notebook" as I haven't suggested otherwise.
  6. Thinking a bit laterally from Wordsgood's post above: According to Evernote, none of their clients integrate with any calendar app. However, you can set up Reminders with alarms - this link explains Reminders. Further, whilst you cannot sync different accounts, you can set up shared Notebooks that either you or your wife can edit. You share Reminders on a per Notebook basis. This link takes you to the "Evernote Business" Knowledge Base but the instructions on sharing Notebooks apply to non-Business users too.
  7. Please point out where I ever said anyone should not ask for features or was asking for "wrong" features. Not that it's any of your business, but if you read my posts as to why I'm defecting (feel free to use the search function), you'll see it has nothing to do with something as trivial as this thread. It's regarding core features that make Evernote totally unusable. I only wish the "note sorting [dillemma]" was the worst thing wrong with my Evernote experience. "Please point out where I ever said anyone should not ask for features or was asking for "wrong" features..." -- It appears that in your opinion, people were asking for the wrong features here. "...if you read my posts as to why I'm defecting..." -- I already know why you're defecting. I read the thread in the course of browsing the forum. My Evernote database is nowhere near as big as yours so your scaleability problems don't apply to me. In other words, to me, your problem is trivial. It's massively major to you of course. It may become a problem for me in the future but it isn't at the moment. We share concerns about Evernote's lack of communication and that their support system also falls down more often than users would like. I note that you recognise that the "note sorting dilemma" may be wrong for some people's Evernote experience. In other words, for them, it is non-trivial even if it is not on the scale of your usability problems. "Not that it's any of your business..." -- Here's a tip - if you want something to not be any of my business, don't post it on a public forum. See? I can be snippy and passive-aggressive too. "(feel free to use the search function)..." -- I didn't need to use the search function as I'd already come across the thread. Whilst we're on the subject of searching the forums, the search function itself leaves a lot to be desired and it takes a lot of burrowing through posts to see if a similar problem has been posted before. So users just give up searching the forum and start a new thread. Yes, some users don't bother using the search tool but hey ho, it's the way of the internet forum and always will be and really isn't a threat to World peace. Look, you're a respected member of this community and I recognise that you have been an enormous help to a great many people. But you are snippy and passive-aggressive in too many of your responses because you often view other people's problems as "trivial" when to those users, they are anything but. I am surprised you cannot see this. The main point of my post that you quoted was that even the likes of you were looking at alternatives. Your use case is now being screwed up. Other people's use cases have also been screwed up but in different ways that were not trivial to them. That you are leaving is damning for Evernote and should give you a clue as to how much your presence here is respected. I genuinely hope you find a solution to your Evernote frustrations and you continue to share your knowledge on here when you can.
  8. Oh, and by the way: I do. You can check my post history if you like.
  9. My eyes are bleeding and my brain just melted. This has to be a wind up. Surely?
  10. Meanwhile, moving away from the straw man and back to the point -- Even respected Power Users like BnF are now looking at alternatives to EN having become exasperated at how EN no longer suits their user case in much the same way that it hasn't suited others', albeit different, user cases in the past.
  11. It is interesting to note that those who were previously the most evangelical of "Evernote Evangelists" are now jumping ship, BnF included. Our exasperation is now being shared by a significant number of former Power Users. Perhaps we weren't doing something wrong or asking for the wrong features after all.
  12. Aaaaaaaaand the O2 nag screen for non-O2 customers is back. At least it responded to tapping on the 'X' to close this time. Well, I say, "this time" but I meant "eventually. After about 10 taps".
  13. Would using a Note Link be awesome enough for you? Your note(s) containing edits would contain a local link to the original index note. Note Links can be generated from the note's context menu (Right click > Copy Note Link) and then pasted into different notes. ETA: And yes, I think they've heard of Springpad...
  14. I never said any such thing. Fact of the matter is that an evangelist's suggestions are no more valid than those of any Evernote user. It wasn't my intention to imply that you had. It was just how my thoughts progressed in the post. My apologies, Jeff.
  15. "Good enough" is often a worthwhile approach in business, and in life. Waiting for perfection is often not viable -- you may never get perfection (if there were a perfect solution out there, do you think that SpringPad users would be here now?). A la Voltaire: "Perfect is the enemy of good" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_is_the_enemy_of_good). That doesn't mean that Evernote ought not strive for improvement, but their development process doesn't allow them to wait for total perfection (whatever that is) before release. And if something is "good enough", doesn't that mean that it works? Thanks for reinforcing my point, Jeff. It's not really clear that I did, unless I misinterpreted what you meant in the first place. But you're welcome anyways. Well, I didn't say that I was seeking perfection, nor did I say EN should. I said that sometimes "good enough" isn't the best business practice and this is linguistically equivalent to what you wrote: ""Good enough" is often a worthwhile approach in business...". I also implied that EN should seek to improve, a point on which you explicitly agreed. The issue was that EN shouldn't ignore any possible good points of Springpad just because Springpad bought the farm. A few ex-Springpadists suggested that a bit of colour wouldn't go amiss. I happen to agree with them. I also agree with BnF that other issues need to be addressed by EN. The only difference (as ever with discussions on the interwebs) is one of emphasis and related to each individual's user case. And just because a user is a refugee from Springpad, it doesn't make their suggestion any less valid than an Evangelist's.
  16. It's true that no one knows exactly why Springpad went under except for those with inside information. So why then, are there so many SP refugees who seem to think adding all the colors will make Evernote have a gazillion premium users? Or that EN has no "good business sense" because they don't? Here are a few for starters... Evernote seems to have always been open to new business opportunities & and continually improving. But EN is not SP. It's unfortunate SP went under. But the overwhelming sense that's coming from the SP refugees is that they are mad that EN is not SP & they seem to expect that it should become SP. One obligation any company has to it's users AND it's employees is to make good business decisions so that the product stays afloat. The long history of Evernote (from back when it was a Windows only payware app) seems to prove they are hip to this. So getting upset b/c EN isn't SP and/or adding your favorite feature that you think will bring a gazillion pay users in by next Wednesday afternoon at 2:55 is not helpful. And for me, there are a few things EN needs to address that are a heck of a lot more important than adding colors. For instance, the scaling issue when you start having a lot of notes. Or the problem in the Windows client with shared notebooks. Just to name two. Yup. Everyone has different needs and wants. Yours happens to be different to others. I don't know how you implied from my post that I thought that EN was going to get a gazillion new users in 3 days by adding a bit of colour. I guess you were just using hyperbole but it rather diluted your point in the end. Pity. As I said, I'm happy with EN but would be slightly happier if they tweaked the UI a bit. And yes, I'd also be happier if they paid attention to a few usability features, especially for the IOS apps. Dunno about Windows. I've never used the Windows app. Opinions, eh?
  17. "Good enough" is often a worthwhile approach in business, and in life. Waiting for perfection is often not viable -- you may never get perfection (if there were a perfect solution out there, do you think that SpringPad users would be here now?). A la Voltaire: "Perfect is the enemy of good" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_is_the_enemy_of_good). That doesn't mean that Evernote ought not strive for improvement, but their development process doesn't allow them to wait for total perfection (whatever that is) before release. And if something is "good enough", doesn't that mean that it works? Thanks for reinforcing my point, Jeff.
  18. I migrated from Springpad to EN many moons ago. If only Springpad had desktop apps to go with their visually stunning mobile and web interfaces and paid attention to non-US users, I would have stayed with them and happily paid for it. Whilst a visual feast - a feature that actually improved the user experience - they were monumentally US-centric which micturated off many international users. Barcode reader? Brilliant! But I'm in a UK bookstore and it's giving me US bookshop prices. Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid. Don't get me wrong, I'm committed to EN and am happy to pay for it in spite of its several, often infuriating foibles because it most fits (but doesn't completely satisfy) my needs as a user. However, "good enough" isn't always the best business plan to follow. But EN certainly isn't "the winner" because of its interface. And who knows? An improved visual experience may bring even more paying customers to the EN fold.
  19. I'm still getting occasional pop-ups (oooer, missus).
  20. For me, the O2 link only appears on my phone on the Homepage if it's set to display under the Settings gear > Customize Home Screen option. *restrains himself from another EN-O2 whinge*
  21. What Gazumped said ^^ plus: Put your cursor in the text block and click Menu > Format > Text > Increase Indent Level but this only indents the left of the paragraph and not the right. But combined with changing the font/italicising/whatever, this may be enough for you. Another thing you can do is to insert a 1x1 table into which you put your text block. With a judicious choice of % of page width, and an increase in the indent level (Menu > Format > Text > Increase Indent Level again) of the table cell as a whole and not the text inside the cell, you can at least have a text block that is indented on the left and doesn't reach the right margin. Unfortunately however, you can't then get rid of the surrounding lines of the table cell.
  22. My apologies - I did misunderstand your issue. I guess you've tried the uninstall-reboot-reinstall tango that sometimes works? If that hasn't worked, your next port of call is to raise a Support Ticket. Whilst EN say that they read the posts here (and I've no reason to disbelieve them), this forum is basically u2u so raising a ticket is the way to go.
  23. To be fair, that's the way EN is supposed to work. If you need access to important documents no matter whether you have an internet connection or not, you need have a Premium account and create an "Offline" notebook on your IOS device where notes are stored locally but still synced (unlike a "Local" notebook on the desktop client which is _not_ synced).
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