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  1. Thank you for your reply. Okay, I understand the way you work, but after I assigned the notebook, my note jumps away. I got a empty note area. Mine are not date sorted. So what is the thought/logical behind that, the jumping away?
  2. Hi, Using Evernote regularly, I have one very annoying thing. When I pres the plus button to crate a new note, most of the times it has the wrong book. So I select a new book and gone is my new note. If I type first the titel and add some text, and the change the book, the note is gone. I know it is somewhere inside the chosen book, but it it is ridiculous that it disappears even when you are typing right after the book change. It should stay there because it is my currently working note. Is there in the meantime a way to avoid this?
  3. Btw, about the dsktop. I dont use the newest version, because I am to scare now to start using it.
  4. Hi, not sure if the TS talks about evernote the iPad version update. Anuway, if it is not I will create a topuc about that. The previous version I could more easely look arround and add documents. I was really pleased with that. In the new version I hate it, yes, I am sorry but this is terrible. The same silly thing that apple does wit iBooks an iCal. Graphic is more important then funcionality! Wrong wrong and wrong. I have used the latest evernote version for some time everyday now. But I otice that if I will add a document I will mail it to myself and then do the actions at my desktop. Several things is gone, like moving a book inside a book. I do realy need that. What about the icons on the left. Why are they there, some at the lower half and other at the upper half. Buttons on each side?!?! it looks like that you did update to show that you update, it didn't make anything better, it was just a graphic change with limmiting functionality. For haevens sake, why are those bars there, waste of space and workings. It draws often only half or in black and are often not selectable. So my main question when are you going back at the design table? And how can I get the older version back. I really have regrets that i did update. Any way, I am pleassed to have the desktop version.
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