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  1. I use Skitch a lot with Evernote. That way I can take a picture, write on it and save it easily to Evernote.
  2. Have you been using Evernote Food? Perhaps the software knows from your food choices. Better get checked at your doctor....
  3. Zendone is very nicely done. I just wish that it would send an email to people I assign a task to. Otherwise I still have to use another task manager to assign the task to my freelancers.
  4. Has anyone managed to take audio notes hands free on Evernote for Android? I came across this article that talked about using Siri for this on iPhone, but I haven't had any luck on Android yet.
  5. I find Scrivener works better than Google Drive or Microsoft Word once I have pulled everything together in Evernote. Scrivener lets we work in blocks of text, much like Evernote.
  6. For me, I find the word wrap issue is more of a problem than image resizing. Image resizing would be nice, but I have lots of other programs that can do that before I put the image into Evernote. But it would be nice to be able to have words around the pictures instead of a small picture taking up the whole block.
  7. I think he means when sending or saving a note to Evernote. My stacks show on the main screen when I open Evernote in Android, but if I create a new note and then click on the name of the notebook to change it, all the notebooks show up not in stacks. So if I have a stack like this for everything relate to Evernote where Evenote is the stack name and the subpoints are the notebooks Evernote Add-ons Training Podcasts When I go to save the note, I get options like Add-ons, Training and Podcasts without realizing they are Evernote related. I could get around this by naming them Evernote Add-ons, Evernote Training and Evernote Podcasts, but that makes the names a lot longer.
  8. I know many people use Evernote for EVERYTHING but I prefer to use the best tool for the job. Evernote is fantastic as my auxiliary brain storage, letting me get stuff out of my head and into notes. And it is excellent for organizing these notes. It is a fantastic research tool with Clipper and Skitch. But two areas it does not excel at are scheduling and writing for publication. Yes, I know many people do manage system for implementing GTD in Evernote, but in my humble opinion it is like using a Swiss army knife to skin a deer instead of an actual skinning knife. Yes, it can kind of do the job, but it is much harder than it needs to be. So I let Evernote do what it does best and I use task management systems like GQueues for managing my projects and Scrivener for pulling my Evernotes into a publication format. These systems are much better at task management and publishing and I don't spend all my time with workarounds trying to get Evernote to do everything. This doesn't diminish my love of what Evernote does. Rather, I can appreciate its power more because I am not "dulling the blade" by using it for what it isn't designed for.
  9. I notice that Evernote and iHealth are going to partner to bring people's medical results to them. Will this just use standard Evernote or will there be an extra level of security to protect people's health data?
  10. While there are apps that claim to combine Evernote and a calendar, they don't in the way I want. Quite simply, I want to click on an Evernote note and share it to a calendar. Meshin just lets me go to Evernote from within their system but not the reverse.
  11. I just found the Dictate feature on the Android version of Evernote. It looks fantastic but I wondered if there was a quicker way to get to it while driving. I can use my voice command (vlingo) on Android to open Evernote, but once within, I need to click on the Light bulb icon, then Speech to Text, then Dictate. Not safe while driving. Is there a shortcut I could create to the dictate command that would make it safer?
  12. On my Android phone, when I am working in apps like Pulse, Flipboard or Evernote, I can click on an email/app sharing button to send the article or note to another app such as Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, Google+, Messaging or many other apps. I use this to send a lot of articles from Pulse or Flipboard to Evernote for example. What I am missing is a way to send the article/note to Google Calendar or to an app that will sync with Google Calendar. I would like it if Google Calendar was one of the apps I could choose and then I could enter a due date and time. So I could click on an Evernote note and just send it to Google Calendar. Does anyone know of a way or app that can do this?
  13. Thanks for finding that Scott. Do you work at Evernote? The link on the Sharing and Collaboration options comes up page not found. I would really love to solve this as I think it would be great to compose my course notes directly in Evernote and share them in a shared notebook. Otherwise, I have to write it in Word or Scrivener.
  14. Yeah, I had thought of the date solution but it is quite awkward as you have noted. Pasting it all into one note loses the navigation I am trying to preserve. Not sure why they would allow us a view by title in the views but not keep the view when outputting the public link version. Ruins sharing if you can't control the order. I may use the date order idea for this first short course, but I am hesitant to use it for my upcoming more in-depth workshop if the order isn't maintained.
  15. I was thinking of using Evernote to create notes for an upcoming time management seminar I am using. I gave each note a Chapter number and sorted it by title so it would be in order. But when I share it, it loses the order of the notes - I think it defaults back to the date created in reverse order? Is there a way to control this?
  16. I did install Everbot my gmail and it seems to work well. Gives me a nice "Send to Evernote Button" at the top right of my email. Then a window comes up that lets me choose the notebook, edit the subject, add tags or a comment. One thing I would like to see is to have start with my default notebook (in my case !Inbox) by default so I don't have to scroll if I just want it there. Overall, a useful tool. Haven't tried the calendar one, but I don't think I have a need for that function.
  17. i have been playing with a Gmail add on called Everbot. It adds a "Send To Evernote" button that seems to work well. Found it in my Chrome extensions.
  18. That's a good point, Russell. Clear ownership and centralization of notebooks and tags are critical in a multi-person office.
  19. In Chrome extensions when I searched for Evernote add-ons, I came across one called Everbot. Looks like a 3rd party extension that lets you connect your Evernote to Gmail, letting you send emails into Evernote and insert Evernote documents into emails in Gmail. Has anyone tried it? What did you think of it? Thanks
  20. I had been working on my desktop on the notes for an upcoming workshop I was giving on Time Management and pulling it all together in Evernote. Unfortunately, I had to take away part of my normal productive time waiting in my doctor's office. While there, I decided to pull out my Samsung Galaxy Note and open up Evernote. I was at the outline stage with my notes, and Evernote on the Android Galaxy Note worked great for this. My waiting time was very productive and I got a large chunk of the outline done. It used to be that I would use other note programs on my Android phone and then email them and copy and paste later, but Evernote was fantastic as I was working on the actual outline I had been working on on the desktop. During my time, I also opened up some of the time management articles and ebooks I had previously stored on my phone and reviewed them for additional ideas which I added to the outline. A large boost to my productivity, courtesy of Evernote!
  21. Over 26 years of using hierarchical file tree systems makes it difficult for me to organize using tags. I see the value of tags, I really do. I have tagged all the stock photos I have purchased so I can easier find a photo when I need it when I am developing my presentations. Tags work far better for this as photos in folders I wouldn't have thought of also work. But my first reaction is to still create a stack, then a notebook, then notes within. Part of it is I am currently writing a course notebook for my upcoming course in it which are arranged in chapters which is like a file tree. Maybe as I dump more free form notes into it I will get better at tags. At the moment, I add notes, organize and often forget to tag them. I guess I will have to join File Tree Anonymous and get help.
  22. I notice one of the features of Evernote Premium is the ability for iOS and Android to take notebooks offline for easy access when there is no network connection. Does this mean you can't use Evernote offline on the basic accounts? I used mine in the Doctor's office today and I don't think I was online and it seemed to work.
  23. Doing it as a +1 in a forum is unwieldy, Metrodon. It wouldn't be in a forum at all. Did you look at the links I offered? They provide an easy system to tally votes instead of filling a forum with +1 messages. At a glance, you can see what your users most requested features are so you could incorporate that into your planning.
  24. Nicely put. Your solution of moving notes over on a weekly basis would take time, but does allow you to take advantage of new technology. I am doing the same with my old note taking program. Whenever I have to send a templated email, I open up my old notes system and copy the template I want over to Evernote. Each week, I am opening the old one less and less.
  25. Evernote is such an amazing tool that it soon becomes indispensable. When a tool becomes that important to people, their frustrations run high when there is something they want to do with it that they can't. I have noticed a lot of negative comments on the forums about requested features being slow or perceived problems not being dealt with as quickly as users would like. I was thinking that it might help to have a comprehensive list of suggested features and let users vote on which is the most critical that we would like to see Evernote work on next. For example, Evernote might think people would want one feature as a top priority whereas the majority of the users may prefer something else entirely. This would give us a voice and give Evernote valuable feedback. We could provide a priority number such as: 5 - critical feature that I am thinking of leaving Evernote over 4- important feature that I find lacking every day 3- good new feature that would greatly improve my Evernote experience 2-useful feature I would like to see eventually 1-nice eventual feature 0-don't see the need for this feature They could add up the numbers and this would quantify the value of new features for us. For example, here are 3 features I would like to see: a) Resizing images - nice, but I can easily do this in other programs - 2 Word wrap for images - I would use this lots in my shared notebooks - 4 c) Highlighting text - would use lots - 4 Here are a few examples of how some other software companies do this: http://www.weebly.com/editor/feature_request.php http://gallery.menalto.com/sfvote Please note that I LOVE Evernote and I am not leaving. I am just brainstorming ways to give users a say in what features are most important and helping Evernote understand their customers better.
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