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  1. I am "Captain Time" and my blog is about time management, productivity and helping amazing people find more time in their life for the important things. My blog has many articles that include Evernote: http://CaptainTime.com.
  2. For my contacts, I use Nimble.com. Free for up to 3,000 contacts and it pulls in my Gmail & Linkedin messages for each contact as well. I am not affiliated with Nimble, but I do teach my students how to use it.
  3. This is common in many forums. Overseas labour is cheap to outsource to so even captcha doesn't stop it. They just hire people instead of only using bots.
  4. I just started using Evernote 5 instead of the older version and here are my first impressions. Likes: Highlighter - fantastic feature - so happy they included this. Related Notes - I really liked this version in Google search and now it is brought to the searching within Evernote as well. This is an excellent intuitive discovery way to find similar or related notes to the one you are writing or working in. It is already saving me time as I occasionally forget about some notes I have already written. Atlas Feature - not really using it yet but I think it has potential. Dislikes: Less colour - The colour is removed from this version and now there is too much white - C'mon Evernote, embrace your innner green! Or let us choose custom colours. Movement of search box - I really liked the search box at the top of the Snippet view. This way the search and tags and all other ways I could narrow the search were in one spot. But now, with the search moved to the top right side, it is disconnected from the area where I am narrowing my search. Still Waiting For: Keeping sort order when I share Notebook. One feature I am still waiting for is for Evernote to keep the sort view when sharing Notebooks. This would let me publish ebooks, textbooks, courses, etc. fully from within Evernote. Overall, a nice upgrade. I hope they give some thought to the many people who suggested putting the search bar back to its previous spot and letting us have some more colour in our Evernote life.
  5. Thank you. I notice the latest version is now released so I am installing it now. But in future it would be nice if I could have the fun of participating in the beta while maintaining a stable version for training.
  6. I am really intrigued to try the newest Windows Beta (would love to have the highlighter option). I am a productivity tools junkie, so I am not really concerned about a few glitches in a beta - that is why they are put out there. But I teach beginners Evernote and I wouldn't recommend they use beta software so I would be showing them the latest stable release when I train. Is it possible to run both the beta and the latest stable release? Any issues around trying this? I wouldn't have both open at the same time. Thanks,
  7. Well it is up to each of us to decide what the value of a tool is to us. But Evernote compares quite well to others I am using. Here are some tools I use every week. Evernote - $45 per year CRM (Nimble) - $180/year Project Management (TeamworkPM) - $588/year Webinars (Adobe Connect) - $588/year Compared to these other tools, Evernote is a bargain! And it is just as important to my work and life as the other ones.
  8. I read my articles in Pulse and just save any I will want to keep in my personal knowledge base into Evernote. Over time, the knowledge database gets quite extensive with better results than a Google search.
  9. Here is a plugin that might help. I haven't tried it myself. http://wordpress.org/plugins/everpress/ I often use Evernote to hold my research for articles, but I actually write my blog posts offline using Windows Live Writer which then publishes to my various Wordpress sites.
  10. As a time management trainer/consultant, I have worked with hierarchical organizing structures for years. So with Evernote's flatter system, I have struggled a bit. But I am slowly becoming converted to tags instead of notebooks and a rigid hierarchy. I first started embracing tags in my CRM when it made sense that a customer would be tagged for multiple purposes instead of filed in a single category. For example a friend of mine teaches meditation, does video work, is a member of the same astronomy society I am and is of course, a personal friend. I can tag him with all of these and find him for whatever I need him for at the time. A second simple tool that showed me how powerful search is instead of hierarchy is a simple program I downloaded that searches my hard drive for a file name. (blindingly fast). This has made me use my file structure on my computer a lot less. But I still struggle a bit in Evernote - probably because I first focused on setting it up like a file system rather than focusing on search and tags. Here is an example I struggle with. I use a LOT of checklists and templates for everything I do. So I have a stack called "Templates" in Evernote that then has notebooks for Checklists, Coaching, Proposals, etc. In my old way of finding these, I would go to the stack and then to the notebooks. It could be confusing as I might have checklists for both camping and coaching. So does a coaching checklist go under Checklists or Coaching or a copy on each. I have read a lot of the posts on tagging strategies, but then it seems I end up with 50 or more tags which can be confusing to search. Scrolling all the way down on the left panel to find a tag seemed very slow to me. In a book on Evernote, it was suggested to remove the left panel from view and just use the search but I get too many hits when I just do a text search. Then I realized that I was NEVER searching for tags. If I remove the left panel, do a great job on tags and tag search first, my results are much better. And this is much faster than scrolling down all my stacks to find the tags in the left panel. I know this seems obvious to most of you, but as a newbie it has taken me quite a few months to figure this out. I would love to hear others share what methods you use to make search in Evernote faster with more precise results.
  11. Mural.ly is a service similar to Pinterest that is supposed to synchronize to Evernote. Check it out. (I am not affiliated)
  12. Try Mural.ly. Not quite a mind map but has much of the functionality. And it integrates with Evernote.
  13. Have a look at Mural.ly. They are not quite a mind map - more like a visual corkboard/flow chart but they could be used as a mind map and they integrate with Evernote.
  14. Ran into an Android sync problem this morning I would appreciate some help with. I use Android for all my note taking and brainstorming and have it on my Windows desktop, Windows laptop, Android smart phone (Samsung Galaxy Note) and my Android Tablet (Acer Iconia A210). I love how I can take notes on any device and then can access them later. I opened up my tablet to prepare to take notes for a meeting and noticed that at least one of my stacks was missing - a major one that has about 6 notebooks under it. I found this odd, so I grabbed my smartphone, thinking perhaps I had set that notebook not to synchronize by mistake. But it was showing fine on my smart phone. I also noticed a discrepancy in the number of notes in a notebook I created called !Inbox that I use as a default for clipping articles off the web and for new notes that I haven't assigned yet. They are showing at 19 notes on my desktop and smart phone but only 9 on the tablet. Last night I took a note on my tablet when a friend came over and mentioned a movie they liked. That note IS on both the desktop and smartphone now but NOT on the tablet - odd since I took it on the tablet. I did notice a sync failed message on the tablet and tried another sync but it failed as well. It says "Downloading headers...61%" but then fails. Any suggestions?
  15. My photography hobby is taking up a lot more of my time lately. When I look at the pictures from my camera, it occurred to me that I couldn't remember some of the details of what I was shooting. The camera catches the settings I used, but if I shot something historical and there was some information about it, I wasn't capturing it. Since I always have my smart phone with me, I was thinking of using Evernote to take notes of what I am shooting. Does anyone use Evernote as a photographer journal? If so, any tips?
  16. Use Evernote for data collection, short writing, notes, and your personal knowledge database. Evernote can likely replace Pocket, but keep your favourite to do list or project manager.
  17. I agree with Candid and BurgersNFries about the right tool for the job. I love Evernote and it is my brain dump, my personal knowledge database, my note taker, my resource library, my clipping file and much more. It is NOT my CRM or project management system. Yes, with sufficient creativity it can emulate SOME of the functions of CRM and project management, but it lacks the features that let me get things done in a fraction of the time with real systems designed from the start. Let Evernote do what it does best and find the right tools for the rest.
  18. +1 on this. A shorter url would be more useful. Many email clients break long urls like the ones Evernote uses. I use bit.ly to shorten them myself, but it would be nice not to have to take the extra step.
  19. I had never thought of that option. Too bad it won't stay in that order when I share it.
  20. Note order would also be very useful for publishing. For example, if you wanted to set up a notebook as a documentation manual for your company, being able to sort is critical.
  21. I do think automatic link shortening would be a good future feature for Evernote to consider as long links sometimes get broken in email programs.
  22. Skitch is very powerful and well worth adding to a training session.I use it for screenshots or to take pictures on my smart phone, mark them up and add them to Evernote.
  23. I'm with gazumped. Yes, you can make Evernote work for to do lists with a lot of working around, but it still won't be a seamless as a tool designed from the beginning for that task. I use and love Evernote as my resource library, checklist and template holder, and to capture ideas, but I use other to do list systems (GQueues right now) to manage my to do lists and projects. I use my software tools for what they excel at rather than trying to make one tool do everything.
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