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  1. Don't organize them. Let them be "free range" tags.
  2. Evernote is my auxiliary brain. I use it for: checkliststemplatesarticle ideassaving articles and web pagesmy personal and business knowledge databasemobile notesresearchI do NOT use it for my to do listproject management (except for checklists, templates, knowledge database and research)writing full ebooks (except for research)
  3. I think it would be useful to have a way to collect and save videos for future retrieval. But I would worry that such a feature would greatly slow Evernote. Not sure what the best way to handle this would be.
  4. I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge at a really nice price...send small unmarked bills.
  5. Great explanation, Jeff. I should mention that I was really frustrated with the lack of hierarchical structure with Evernote when I first started, but once I fully embraced tags, I realized that I could find any note faster by good use of tags than by drilling down through the hierarchy. Now I am actually thinking I can make do with less notebooks and more tags.
  6. Ah, if the founders aren't Mac users, then I really don't know why there is such love for Macs. It could be because iPa/iPhone have a good chunk of the mobile market share so they figured they should support both that and Macs. Macs are only about 9.3% of desktop share, so I can't see that being as much of an attraction.
  7. Headers would indeed be very useful. Helpful when publishing to a blog (headers are needed for seo) or when pasting into Word. A feature I hope Evernote will eventually offer.
  8. My guess would be that some of the founders are Mac users, and since they originally were creating this for themselves, they made sure they had Mac versions.
  9. I take it the existing medical recording software you use lacks Evernote's capabilities?
  10. I would like to see the sort order retained when I create a public link to the notebook. This would make Evernote an amazing publishing tool if I could create notebooks with notes like Chaper 1, Chapter 2, etc and share them with the order being retained,. Right now the sharing is by date created which makes a shared notebook useless for any kind of reading that would need to be in order like How To manuals.
  11. You can also post to Wordpress via email so perhaps you could write in Evernote and then use the Share/Email command to get it to the email address you chose. Here is info on posting to Wordpress via email: http://codex.wordpress.org/Post_to_your_blog_using_email One caution as I teach Wordpress and Internet marketing for a living. Evernote doesn't use heading 1, heading 2, etc which are important for search engine optimization. So I recommend you write in Evernote and the copy and paste it into Wordpress and set the heading levels yourself. This will help your ranking in search engines.
  12. It would be nice if Google Calendar allowed us to email calendar items to it. The email to Evernote feature is one I am really starting to appreciate. I did find this tool called EventBot that says it allows you to send an email to an EventBot email address which will then add the item to your Google Calendar. So you could use the Share/Email option on your Evernote note to send to the EventBot email address and get it into Google Calendar that way. http://www.myeventbot.com/ I haven't tried it and don't know anything about company but the idea looks interesting.
  13. +1 for me as well. For years, I have taught people to use the headings 1,2,3 in programs like Word, Wordpress, html etc because you can change the heading in one place and it will update the whole document. It would help if Evernote did this as well, especially since I am starting to use it to write some of my blog posts which need those headings for formatting and SEO.
  14. I was about to say the same thing. If a computer is used by a family, then everyone should have their own login. This way everyone's files and information are private. Also create one "guest" account for people visiting or for people who don't need a separate login.
  15. There are many products that only work on either Mac or Windows and we don't demonize those companies. It is up to a company to decide what operating systems they want their product to work on. Wikipedia shows the following percentages of users for various operating systems as of Aug 2013 Windows - 90.81% OS X - 7.26% Linux - 1.52% At the moment, there are still more Windows Vista users than Linux users and we don't force companies to create software for Windows Vista. I like that Linux is an option but it is just not cost effective to develop software for an operating system used by so few people. Choosing Linux as an operating system and complaining about software availability is like living on an Island and complaining about ferry costs.
  16. I am writing tablature for my new mountain dulcimer and I decided Evernote would be the perfect place to hold it. When writing tablature, I just need to put a number below each part of the song lyrics to tell my what fret to hold down. It works great on my Android 10.1" tablet but it seems to be adding a period after some of the numbers for some reason. Here is an example: Deck the halls with boughs of hol-ly 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 0 But when I add the numbers on the Android version I get something like this. The periods show up automatically - I don't add them. Deck the halls with boughs of hol-ly 4 3. 2. 1 . 0 1. 2 0 When I write in Evernote in desktop mode, it doesn't put in the periods. Any idea how to stop this?
  17. Here is an article I wrote on how I am using Evernote to store my sheet music tablature for my new mountain dulcimer. I would be interested to hear how others are finding Evernote helps with their music and any tips they have learned while doing it.
  18. This probably falls under fair use policy and is probably ok. If you were selling access to the notebooks or using them publicly, that might be another matter.
  19. The pdf has great ideas for songwriting and Evernote. I saved the pdf to Evernote.
  20. For me v5 is fast - I don't notice a decrease in speed over v4.
  21. I use Pulse.me to read my news/RSS feeds. When I click on email, "Save to Evernote" is one of the choices so I just save it there.
  22. Unfortunately that only goes to a postach.io blog. I would love to have an integration that would post to my Wordpress blog.
  23. There are some third party add-ins that can be creating notebooks as well.
  24. Why use both Pocket and EN? I just send articles directly to EN.
  25. Try Mural.ly. It is a visual display board that integrates with Evernote to use your notes on the board. Very intriguing.
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