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  1. Exactly right. This is one of the strengths of the business version. If the original person who set everything up leaves, the company still has all the data. In my case, this is not an issue as I am the owner of my own business, but for bigger companies, this is the best way to go.
  2. I am an Xmind user (Windows) but haven't tried any integration with Evernote. Like you , I use mind maps for brainstorming new project ideas. I also use it to take notes when coaching clients. I use Evernote for general filing, resource library and research.
  3. Remember that you can also take pictures of whiteboards if they are used and save them to Evernote to refer to later.
  4. Nice to see you are working on the Android version as well. Is there also a web-based version so that I can see my tasks when working at my desktop/laptop? Is the Google Calendar integration working yet?
  5. I had a look at Tasks Free, but it doesn't let me schedule tasks from a note in Evernote. Am I missing something?
  6. I use Skitch a lot with Evernote. That way I can take a picture, write on it and save it easily to Evernote.
  7. For me, I find the word wrap issue is more of a problem than image resizing. Image resizing would be nice, but I have lots of other programs that can do that before I put the image into Evernote. But it would be nice to be able to have words around the pictures instead of a small picture taking up the whole block.
  8. While there are apps that claim to combine Evernote and a calendar, they don't in the way I want. Quite simply, I want to click on an Evernote note and share it to a calendar. Meshin just lets me go to Evernote from within their system but not the reverse.
  9. I just found the Dictate feature on the Android version of Evernote. It looks fantastic but I wondered if there was a quicker way to get to it while driving. I can use my voice command (vlingo) on Android to open Evernote, but once within, I need to click on the Light bulb icon, then Speech to Text, then Dictate. Not safe while driving. Is there a shortcut I could create to the dictate command that would make it safer?
  10. On my Android phone, when I am working in apps like Pulse, Flipboard or Evernote, I can click on an email/app sharing button to send the article or note to another app such as Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, Google+, Messaging or many other apps. I use this to send a lot of articles from Pulse or Flipboard to Evernote for example. What I am missing is a way to send the article/note to Google Calendar or to an app that will sync with Google Calendar. I would like it if Google Calendar was one of the apps I could choose and then I could enter a due date and time. So I could click on an Evernote note and just send it to Google Calendar. Does anyone know of a way or app that can do this?
  11. I did install Everbot my gmail and it seems to work well. Gives me a nice "Send to Evernote Button" at the top right of my email. Then a window comes up that lets me choose the notebook, edit the subject, add tags or a comment. One thing I would like to see is to have start with my default notebook (in my case !Inbox) by default so I don't have to scroll if I just want it there. Overall, a useful tool. Haven't tried the calendar one, but I don't think I have a need for that function.
  12. In Chrome extensions when I searched for Evernote add-ons, I came across one called Everbot. Looks like a 3rd party extension that lets you connect your Evernote to Gmail, letting you send emails into Evernote and insert Evernote documents into emails in Gmail. Has anyone tried it? What did you think of it? Thanks
  13. Hi Browncoat, I might be able to use that in come cases, but less useful in an ebook or article style format I am writing.
  14. Darn. It this something that will be corrected in a future release? Is it on the development list.
  15. Thanks Abdulaziz, I appreciate the tips. I have been struggling with what setup to use for my tags and this looks like it fits my style.
  16. I am using Evernote on Windows 7. Just tried to insert a picture into a note and I found that the words won't wrap around it. Does Evernote support word wrapping? Thanks,
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