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  1. Most of my income comes from advising and training people on using free software. WordPress, Evernote, Gmail, Google Calendar, Xmind, Social Media - even though these are all free, there is a great demand for training and consulting on them. This is how I make my living.
  2. I've been told I'm "certifiable" but I think they were talking about my mental state, not my training! Haven't heard of this training - would be interesting to find out what it is about. Are they talking about the Ambassador program? I don't see any mention of certified consultants in a quick look on the Evernote site.
  3. For mobile devices - apps have won. See this article http://venturebeat.com/2013/04/03/the-mobile-war-is-over-and-the-app-has-won-80-of-mobile-time-spent-in-apps/ According to this research, people spend only 20% of their time on mobile devices on the web and 80% on apps (most of which are web-enabled) of course. So instead of going to eBay or the Weather Network in our browser, we use an an eBay or Weather app to get the information we want. People have really embraced apps over using their browser on their mobile devices
  4. I second gazumped's comments. Here are a few real life things I use Evernote for: 1. Found Time While in a doctors's waiting room, I wrote the outline for a one day time management course I was developing entirely on my Android smart phone in Evernote. 2. Evernote Checklists I LOVE Evernote for checklists. I have checklists for speaking, camping, setting up web sites, travel and anything where I am worried I will forget something. And I love that I can create checklists and share them with my readers and students. Here is a business networking checkist I did in Evernote to help people be more successful at networking events. 3. Web Capture The web clipper is great. Any time I find a web site I like, I just clip it to Evernote, I use Feedly to read my news on my smart phone and tablet and then use Evernote on these mobile devices to save articles I will want to refer to later. 4. Auxiliary Brain Evernote is my auxiliary brain. Anything I think of, I dump into Evernote so I can find it later, And it is on my computer, laptop, smart phone and tablet so I can access it no matter what device I am using. 5. Personal Stuff I also use Evernote for personal stuff and hobbies, including: Music tablatureWood carving tutorialsChristmas gift listSocial gathering planningVacation and adventure planning and moreHope this helps, Ella!
  5. I did a quick search on SlideShare where I often post my slides from my time management training sessions. I came up with over 5,000 results! Here is a look at the search: http://www.slideshare.net/search/slideshow?searchfrom=header&q=evernote Go through until you find one that seems to work well for you.
  6. I am using 5.1.2334 of Evernote for Windows in Windows 8. When I search a weird thing is happening. I type moun and a suggested search for mountain dulcimer tablature in tags comes up. I click on it, but the search only comes up with moun instead of the full search. When I click on mountain dulcimers in the search, it searches for mountain dulcimers, So the problem seems to be just in the tags section of the search. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. The only time I use Notebooks now is when I might have to share a notebook with others, For example, I have all the checklists, documents, etc. for a non-profit association I volunteer with in one notebook so I can give it to others if I am no longer on the board. But I no longer create a notebook for each of my clients, instead I have one General Client notebook and keep them all in there and just tag each note with the client name. So you are on the right track to use notebooks sparingly and embrace tagging. Took me a year of resisting to finally get it so you are faster than me!
  8. The table was totally done in Evernote. No copy and paste from another program. I did copy and paste some of the checkmarks into the table from elsewhere in the table. They look perfectly lined up when I look at the Evernote version. If there were extra spaces in any of them wouldn't it look out of whack on the original?
  9. I created a proposal for a web site for a client and shared it with her by Evernote. It looks fine in Evernote, but I noticed in the shard/url I sent that the items in the right hand column don't all center. Any idea why and what I can do to keep this from happening? Here is the shared url and I attached a screenshot of what it looks like in Evernote. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/c52141c1-fc0c-418f-8a75-98a4b6a3688b/2acbe3d30b809c4a94c39784580c517d Thanks,
  10. Wordpress lets you post by email so you could set up something in IFTT that takes notes and then posts them to your Wordpress blog. One word of caution, Evernote doesn't support styles like Heading 1, Heading 2 etc, so you should manually set your headings on the post once it is on Wordpress so that it works better for search engine optimization.
  11. Try Mural.ly. It will take the notes from Evernote and let you arrange them as a mood board. Nice integration and a pleasure to use.
  12. +1. I would also really like it if it kept the sort order when I shared the notebook. This would make Evernote an awesome publishing tool. The inability to control the order of notes when sharing is the only thing holding me back from publishing my time management training manuals using Evernote.
  13. I was thinking of this differently. If you have a fault that you tend to over organize, then simple using tags helps keep it simpler. The hierarchy is the complex part. Or trying to over organize by creating a tag hierarchy is also complex. I almost never have problems finding notes with search and simple tags. I have stopped using the Notebook hierarchy as a way to find things except where I am sharing a whole notebook with a client or student. Yes, I do end up with many tags, but it is easy to find the one you want as they show up when you start typing. And if I created 2-3 different ways of tagging the same thing, it is easy to review my tag list and retag some note and remove tags. Certainly this takes less time than trying to have a tag hierarchy. I am in favor of "free range" tags.
  14. Are you serious? You're avoiding to switch to a brilliant OS with the highest levels of control, just because of an app? You're sacrificing the OS because of an app, even a worthy one? It's like you say "I want to change my ordinary car with a luxurious one, but I really like my key chain, so no, until Ferrari makes a key chain like mine, I don't change my car"! OS is much much more important than some apps, the impact of a great OS (like Linux, especially if the distribution of your choice is a great one like Linux Mint which combines beauty and functionality) on your life is much more significant than a single or a bunch of apps. By the way, I noticed some days earlier that although I make a lot of notes with Evernote, I rarely use my notes (because I usually do a web search and in most cases, the first found item is the one containing my previous note). In addition, you can still have the Evernote's web clipper extension installed on all your browsers and use it for some of your notes which are pertaining to the web. You can have both Win and Linux side by side without any problem, like what I'm doing (I have 5 OSes installed on my laptop, and I use all of them), and whenever I need an app that's installed on my windows, I simply reboot to Win. I suggest trying Linux Mint 15 64bit (with Cinnamon), you'll certainly fall in love with it after a while, that's what happened to me too. There are some apps, tools, and functionalities in Linux that you can't find on any other OS, and they really help to increase your productivity. Highest levels of control does not necessarily equal the best OS for everyone's needs.And, as far as useage goes, Evernote is much more than a key chain relative to acar - it is probably the app I spend 20% of my time in - so 1/5 of a car. Perhaps like the decision to go electric, gas or steam in your car.
  15. +1. This would be very useful as we could preset what each level H1, H2, etc looked like. It would also help for those of us who like to write in Evernote and then transfer the writing to Wordpress or html web sites.
  16. True. I do think it is worthwhile for Linux users to weigh in and show their interest. I was playing with the idea of trying Linux again myself since so much of my software is web based now. But I don't want to work fully in the web interface for Evernote. I haven't spent much time in the web interface and looked at it tonight. It wasn't bad, but I like more control over the interface as I usually don't show the left pane so I can see more text on each note. If there was a Linux version of EN, I might give Linux a go again.
  17. After playing my mountain dulcimer for a few months, I must say Evernote is working excellent for my music tablature on my 10.1" Android tablet. Most of the online tablature I find is in .pdf format and Evernote handles this easily. I can resize it easily to fit the screen and I can easily tag them all as "mountain dulcimer tablature" so I can have my entire songbook accessed in seconds. I currently have a simple It is a little smaller than a standard music book page but has the benefit that I could have hundreds or thousands of songs in the very portable tablet. Any one else using Evernote to hold your sheet music or tablature?
  18. When I first started with Evernote, I was frustrated with only two levels of organization, notebook and stacks, so I thought about setting up a complicated tag and subtag system. But, over time, I have found as long as I add useful tags for every note going into Evernote, it is incredibly fast to find anything. Drilling down through multiple tag levels just isn't as fast for me. So now I do "free range" tags where I just tag each note with every way I think I would like to be able to retrieve it later. I have no problems finding what I am looking for.
  19. Setting colours for notes would indeed be an amazing feature for Evernote. Easy to see your organization at a glance.
  20. Thanks Gazumped. Confluence is more collaboration based and is probably too complicated for the average casual user who just wants to browse resources. I do like the wiki idea and have my designer installing Dokuwiki so I can try that one. I will add Mediawiki to the list of potential wiki softwares to check out as well.
  21. Hey Gazumped, What apps are there that you say would do what it is I am trying to accomplish?
  22. I really think Evernote has great potential as a publishing platform. I would rather have seen them fix the order sorting of notebooks that we share rather than add reminders.To me, better sharing and collaboration are more important than turning Evernote into a second rate todo list when there are so many great todo list programs out there. But there is a lack of easy ways to create and share knowledge online. Evernote could be a big player in that market with a few tweaks.
  23. I am a time management speaker, trainer and consultant. I would like to be able to share resources with my customers/members. I have written several ebooks, but they are difficult to keep up to date and distribute. I was thinking it might be better to have an online resource/knowledge database they could access instead. This way, everyone could access it and I could update just one place. I am trying to decide what system to create it in. I have access to web designers and could do it in something like Wordpress, but I was thinking there might be a better way. I use and love Evernote and do share some notes with people that way. Evernote has the advantage that I use it everyday and I really love how the notebooks look. And I want to have lots of checklists and Evernote really shines with checklists. But I have two concerns with using Evernote this way. 1. Note Order: I am concerned that there is no way to properly order the notes within a shared notebook 2. Membership Controls: The membership controls seem too basic for my useage. You can invite people but I can't see where I could remove people's access easily. Am I missing ways this could be done or would something like a Wiki might be a better solution in this case?
  24. Actually I would like a feature where Evernote would include my sort order when I share the notebook. This one change would make Evernote an amazing publishing tool. With that ability, I could offer entire ebooks designed within Evernote. But when I share a notebook and it defaults to the date created, it puts my ebook content out of order. {sigh}
  25. What gazumped said. Use your favourite calendar program and just link it to your Evernote notebook or note.
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