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  1. Try Mural.ly. It is a visual display board that integrates with Evernote to use your notes on the board. Very intriguing.
  2. I am "Captain Time" and my blog is about time management, productivity and helping amazing people find more time in their life for the important things. My blog has many articles that include Evernote: http://CaptainTime.com.
  3. Here is a plugin that might help. I haven't tried it myself. http://wordpress.org/plugins/everpress/ I often use Evernote to hold my research for articles, but I actually write my blog posts offline using Windows Live Writer which then publishes to my various Wordpress sites.
  4. Try Mural.ly. Not quite a mind map but has much of the functionality. And it integrates with Evernote.
  5. Have a look at Mural.ly. They are not quite a mind map - more like a visual corkboard/flow chart but they could be used as a mind map and they integrate with Evernote.
  6. My photography hobby is taking up a lot more of my time lately. When I look at the pictures from my camera, it occurred to me that I couldn't remember some of the details of what I was shooting. The camera catches the settings I used, but if I shot something historical and there was some information about it, I wasn't capturing it. Since I always have my smart phone with me, I was thinking of using Evernote to take notes of what I am shooting. Does anyone use Evernote as a photographer journal? If so, any tips?
  7. Use Evernote for data collection, short writing, notes, and your personal knowledge database. Evernote can likely replace Pocket, but keep your favourite to do list or project manager.
  8. I agree with Candid and BurgersNFries about the right tool for the job. I love Evernote and it is my brain dump, my personal knowledge database, my note taker, my resource library, my clipping file and much more. It is NOT my CRM or project management system. Yes, with sufficient creativity it can emulate SOME of the functions of CRM and project management, but it lacks the features that let me get things done in a fraction of the time with real systems designed from the start. Let Evernote do what it does best and find the right tools for the rest.
  9. I do think automatic link shortening would be a good future feature for Evernote to consider as long links sometimes get broken in email programs.
  10. Skitch is very powerful and well worth adding to a training session.I use it for screenshots or to take pictures on my smart phone, mark them up and add them to Evernote.
  11. Exactly right. This is one of the strengths of the business version. If the original person who set everything up leaves, the company still has all the data. In my case, this is not an issue as I am the owner of my own business, but for bigger companies, this is the best way to go.
  12. I think some people assume that the Evernote Business forum is only for users at the Evernote Business package level. Could be confusion if it is all mixed together.
  13. I am an Xmind user (Windows) but haven't tried any integration with Evernote. Like you , I use mind maps for brainstorming new project ideas. I also use it to take notes when coaching clients. I use Evernote for general filing, resource library and research.
  14. Remember that you can also take pictures of whiteboards if they are used and save them to Evernote to refer to later.
  15. Nice to see you are working on the Android version as well. Is there also a web-based version so that I can see my tasks when working at my desktop/laptop? Is the Google Calendar integration working yet?
  16. I had a look at Tasks Free, but it doesn't let me schedule tasks from a note in Evernote. Am I missing something?
  17. I use Skitch a lot with Evernote. That way I can take a picture, write on it and save it easily to Evernote.
  18. Zendone is very nicely done. I just wish that it would send an email to people I assign a task to. Otherwise I still have to use another task manager to assign the task to my freelancers.
  19. I find Scrivener works better than Google Drive or Microsoft Word once I have pulled everything together in Evernote. Scrivener lets we work in blocks of text, much like Evernote.
  20. For me, I find the word wrap issue is more of a problem than image resizing. Image resizing would be nice, but I have lots of other programs that can do that before I put the image into Evernote. But it would be nice to be able to have words around the pictures instead of a small picture taking up the whole block.
  21. While there are apps that claim to combine Evernote and a calendar, they don't in the way I want. Quite simply, I want to click on an Evernote note and share it to a calendar. Meshin just lets me go to Evernote from within their system but not the reverse.
  22. I just found the Dictate feature on the Android version of Evernote. It looks fantastic but I wondered if there was a quicker way to get to it while driving. I can use my voice command (vlingo) on Android to open Evernote, but once within, I need to click on the Light bulb icon, then Speech to Text, then Dictate. Not safe while driving. Is there a shortcut I could create to the dictate command that would make it safer?
  23. On my Android phone, when I am working in apps like Pulse, Flipboard or Evernote, I can click on an email/app sharing button to send the article or note to another app such as Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, Google+, Messaging or many other apps. I use this to send a lot of articles from Pulse or Flipboard to Evernote for example. What I am missing is a way to send the article/note to Google Calendar or to an app that will sync with Google Calendar. I would like it if Google Calendar was one of the apps I could choose and then I could enter a due date and time. So I could click on an Evernote note and just send it to Google Calendar. Does anyone know of a way or app that can do this?
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