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  1. After installing the new version of Evernote for Windows, the encrypted text can still be revealed as before (although its unformatted and uneditble, as described in about a dozen other threads.) But when I open the same note in Evernote for Android, and try to reveal the same text, I get the error "The passphrase you entered is incorrect." I doublechecked by doing it several times on Windows and Android, but it just does not accept the passphrase. I just discovered something else: if the text is currently revealed in Windows, then I can reveal it in Android.
  2. I found a simpler method: Simply boot the laptop from the external drive instead of the internal one. (There are plenty of websites that explain how). This has the benefit of giving me access to everything on the old drive.
  3. What is EXB? Is that the database of notes? Also, what folder is it in?
  4. But when I opened the Evernote from A while I was on B, where would I find the "synced account A material" and the "old A account database"?
  5. My motherboard crashed before my Evernote for Windows completed syncing. I pulled the drive out, put it into an external-hard-drive enclosure, and hooked it up to another laptop (which, incidentally, also has Evernote installed for a different account). I tried running the copy of Evernote that's on the external drive. It acts the same as the "local" version, opening the account for the internal drive instead of the external. Is there a way to reach the external-drive account, that has the unsynced notes on it? I'm guessing there might be a way to: 1) Run the internal copy but point it to the external copy's data 2) Run the external version in a way that points to the external data 3) Copy the external data (wherever it is) to the internal drive. (I'd sync the original internal data first before I replaced or overwrote it).
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