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  1. Thanks for the heads up on where to find the "Saved Searches". EN continues to be a great product, I just wonder if the rollout on the Mac 5.0 desktop client should have had a better primer/Quick Start for existing users so we wouldn't spin our wheels trying to find existing functions which moved or transitioned out of the new revision. Thanks for the good support in these forums.
  2. I've spent about twenty minutes in the Forums searching and about forty-five minutes searching around in the Evernote Desktop Mac 5.0 client for where my previously "Saved Searches" went that used to appear in my sidebar. I ask because I can't find where the functionality moved to, and somewhat more importantly, where did the previously built ones go. I use the feature multiple times per day. Tried to find the answer on my own, but don't think more searching will help... a "Premium" user a bit frustrated by the upgrade. Thanks for your help.
  3. +1 on "reinstating" a customizable toolbar. I appreciate improvement in software development, but this change removes several workflow features from my daily life of storing, using and relying on EN as my "second brain" with quick, one-click, icon-oriented access to things that I do repeatedly during my workday with a tool that I pay for. Most missed: Forward button Back button Trashcan (Delete) Emailing button (changed several releases back to the "Share" button, more mousing to choose "Email) Spacing of items on the toolbar
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