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  1. Is it just me or is Windows 8 just a complete car crash as far as Evernote is concerned? Have been trying for a while now. First of all it would not sync. Now I have just installed it onto a brand new Windows 8 machine and it just sits there on a lovely Green Evernote screen. I click on log in, I click on I have an account. It does not matter what I click on nothing is happening.Anyone got any ideas? Or is anyone having similar problems. I use Evernote on ipad, iphone, mac, windows 7 (and even on Linux using Everpad as a thirdy party piece) and it works flawlessly on all of these. Windows 8. Different story. Matthew.
  2. I am having same problems. Thanks for the sign out and back in and Alt F4 which I am trying. So far I seem to be getting the same issue reported here of the sync starting to work but freezing after a certain point, in my case 50% each time. If it is any consolation I am getting a lot of similar connectivity to the Internet issues in other Windows 8 apps from the App store.
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