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  1. Hello! Had a quick look in the forum, but didnt see any similar question. I love my Evernote and the clipper funtctionality. However I would love to be able to login once, and never have to do it again. As it stands, I have to login my full username (it doesnt autofill the field, so I cant just click on LOGIN button), most of the times. I have to type in my full username, then magically the password autofills. I know its not usually a big deal, but if I want to clip something from my HTPC, then I need to dig out the keyboard etc... Im the only who uses my PCs and I have only one evernote account. Can we have a function/option that if we are logged in we stay logged in forever (with the usual logout/different account etc functions of course, for those who need it!)? Thanks!
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