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  1. Thanks for such a detailed response, but I'm still a little unclear on the concept. It seems confusing when you called "STUFF" a notebook when, based on your description of the process, STUFF would be a Stack in EN. Is that correct? Anyway, it's true: I'll just have to give it a try with one of my smaller stacks and/or notebooks and play around with it until the migration dynamics become clear and I can determine if Bear is really going to work for me. (I have 3226 notes and almost 2000 tags, so I don't know...)
  2. Hello Amystoneus, I have wished for a Evernote substitute that would import all my notebooks and notes for a long time. I do not, however, want to lose all my work in EN regarding organization and tags etc. Would you mind saying a little more about how the migration occurs? Can we really duplicate what we have in EN? What does "the only effort being the need to modify the tags for nesting purposes" mean, exactly? Also, does Bear have a way to easily capture and simplify web articles the way the EN Web Clipper does? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm a little skeptical my dream has come true and paranoid about losing years of work etc. Thank you!
  3. Hello EV, In your email newsletter today (7/25/18), you wrote: "A dream team isn’t just having 'the smartest people in the room.' It’s about being open and not afraid of a challenge.” So here’s a challenge: implement “Find and Replace” and, therefore, respond to many years worth of user requests. Let’s face it: this feature is long overdue.
  4. "This is the thread that never ends, it just goes on and on, my friends! Some people started it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue posting in it forever, just because..."
  5. Thank you! This should prove handy until the Evernote team gets off their collective a**!!
  6. Some good points, but, c'mon, man, adding Find & Replace can't be that hard....can it?! I mean, it's been part of word processors etc. for a long time. And it's so useful for a program like this, it would seem to be a no brainer.
  7. Sounds like you have the inside dope on this--do tell. (If there's nothing to tell, don't worry, I'm sure you're still a cool dude/dudette.)
  8. FWIW: I just had a short tech support chat with an EN rep and, after discussing my main problem, I asked about Find and Replace. He stated the following: "As for the 'Find and Replace' option in Evernote for Mac, our development team is currently working on that, though we do not have a date when it will become available. In the mean time you may use the Evernote for Windows app (open note and press Control+H) and, after syncing you will see the changes in Evernote for Mac as well." I'm not sure what he means by using the Windows app when I use a Mac, though. Anyway, "hurry up and wait," I guess....
  9. No point in posting about Find & Replace here anymore, really. If they haven't responded by now....
  10. Would you mind posting that request? I don't use Twitter. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, simply a basic uninstall and reinstall seemed to do the trick. Now, back to work....wait...it's gettin' kinda late....dang.
  12. Lots of problems here. Running latest version of Yosemite. Latest version of EN. EN downloaded from Mac app store. I am a premium user. The body of notes isn't displaying. Crashed a a few times. Generally slow. I've restarted EN and the Mac several times. EDIT: new issue. Now body of notes are showing except when I open them as their own window. This is getting very annoying. Interrupted my work and disrupted my "flow." EDIT #2: Now the separate notes are showing, but I cannot edit them. Would like to know how long this is all going to take, ya know?! EDIT #3: Due to fact I couldn't edit, I restarted EN. Now the notes are blank again. I'm guessing there will be an "EDIT #4".......
  13. Here's another vote for FIND AND REPLACE TEXT in Evernote. I just now discovered it doesn't exist. Amazing.
  14. I have posted in this thread in the past and complained, as well; however, I'm no longer having the problem. Something changed and fixed it. Not sure what happened, but you might try deleting the notes with Pages documents in them and trying again....but I really don't know what I did (or didn't do) to get the problem to disappear. Go figure.
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