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  1. Still getting this spam 2 years later. Just updated two of my PCs with a fresh install of Windows 10 and they insist on shoving it in your face for every type of website/document it supports - Amazon, YouTube, PDFs, other websites - and across every single device you have it installed on too. Why do I need to be told what it can do when I've been using it for 5 ***** years!? No reason for it to be there other to annoy users. PISS OFF WITH IT.
  2. The extensions I have installed in Chrome are: uBlock Origin Session Buddy Gmelius Magic Actions for YouTube New Tab Reloaded MouseWheel Zoom PasswordMaker Pro Pushbullet Reddit Enhancement Suite Scroblr The Camelizer Don't think there's anything in there that clears the cache or cookies? I seem to recall getting the popup the first time I used the clipper, then getting it again when browsing to Amazon and Gmail for the first time after installing it.
  3. Disabling keyboard shortcuts didn't stop the popups so I've uninstalled the plugin - annoying as I use it every day but I won't tolerate spam like this (intentional or otherwise) on any of my computers. Of course, if Chrome didn't ban users from installing from non-Play Store sources, we could roll back to a .crx file of an older version but that's another matter altogether. It's infuriating for users who know what they're doing with a computer to have to tolerate these popups or go without completely.
  4. I have Web Clipper installed on Chrome on multiple machines and I'm getting this popup on each of them too. Infuriating. Been using the extension for 2 years or so and don't need to be told how useful it is. You have no right to be spamming user's browsers with junk like this. Will try disabling keyboard shortcuts but if I see the popup once more, I'll be uninstalling Web Clipper and looking for alternatives to EN.
  5. My Toshiba Excite 13 tablet comes with version 3.5.1 of Evernote pre-installed. When I upgrade to 5.5.1, I have to clear the app's data (having already signed in without any problems in 3.5.1) before I can sign in on 5.5.1. When the tablet is powered off then back on again, Evernote refuses to start, giving the error 'unfortunately, Evernote has stopped'. Clearing Evernote's data then trying to sign back in again gives the same error so my only solution is to revert to 3.5.1 (by using the Uninstall Updates option), sign in from there and then update to the latest version again. Can this be looked into/fixed please?
  6. Thanks for the reply Scott I would really love one-touch editing to be added to a future version of the Android client and yes, virtually all of my notes do contain horizontal lines. I have to say, I think it's incredible that one version of Evernote doesn't support formatting produced by another version even if they are on different platforms. Hoping these issues can be rectified at some point soon! The Android client has already been optimized for tablets so I'd love to have all the editing functionality that's already available on the desktop. I could hide the tray icon but then I have the extra icon for hidden tray items (I normally show all icons in the tray so I know exactly what's running at-a-glance). And thanks for the startup sync tip, that worked great!
  7. I've started using Evernote across my Windows 7 and Android devices over the last week and have a few questions: 1. On Android, is it possible to simply tap on a note and be able to edit it directly without having to tap the pencil icon and then having a separate area to edit a line? Evernote works well for my purposes but this is my biggest gripe with it - I find this layout really slows me down when I simply want to make a quick, minor edit to a note! 2. On Android, is there any way of inserting a horizontal line? Or using the other features in the editing toolbar of the desktop version (e.g. strikethrough, bullet lists etc)? This is something I use quite a lot and would need in a mobile client. 3. On Windows, is it possible to get rid of the system tray icon? I have Evernote pinned to the taskbar and am generally not too keen on applications which insist on placing themselves in the system tray too... 4. On Windows, is there any way of getting Evernote to sync when you load the program? It seems the most logical time to do it, especially when you've just made some changes on mobile devices but there doesn't seem to be a way of automatically doing it? Thanks in advance for any help!
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