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  1. I got the recent upgrade on the store, but it still crashed on sync on RT Then I uninstalled old app and installed EN new, and that solved all the issues.
  2. Hi, same issue, crashes on sync (at about 70%) on Surface RT. Everytime, so app is unuasable. Have latest version. Happy to "PM" the activity log to dlu, but dont know what that is or how to do that--(if that is what you are going to suggest!). By the way, I am a paid subscriber. Thx!
  3. Thanks, that unfroze the sync, but now my sync crashes at about 70% sync point. It happens Every time--cannot get past that. Tried rebootting and tried repeating all suggestions above. Using the metro version on Surface RT with pleny of memory. Updated the app this morning--so have latest. Can you help?
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