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  1. I agree, although the problem isn't just on iPads. What are you using note management now? I'm still looking for a replacement.
  2. There's a fine rant on this subject on the back page of this month's Macworld. It's primarily about Apple's choice in fonts (tiny and illegible) for some new applications, but it applies equally well to Evernote 5. I also have pretty good vision for a 50-mumblesomething, but it's not up to the Evernote 5 sidebar. I went through a bunch of notetaking applications when I first switched back to OS X a few years ago. I stopped at Evernote both because it was an elegantly useful product for taking notes and because resizable font support meant that I could find and read those notes. Before Evernote
  3. Please! This has always been a feature that I would like to have seen, but the introduction of Evernote 5, with the use of tiny grayscale fonts and oddly contrasting side panels makes this critical!
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