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  1. Thank you Hussein for listening to all of our ideas to improve an already amazing add-on to Evernote. Making all my dreams come true would make me Very Happy indeed!.. as well as all the other users very happy and in Kustom Note/Evernote Heaven as well! I'd love to help in any way that I can to make Kustom Note as exceptional and user-friendly as possible for all users. I have no shortage of ideas in my bottomless brain (it won't stop... I've tried!), so I'd love any opportunity to work even closer with you or any of your team to help with input on look and functionality of any of the things I've described so far. The thing about me is, for some reason that I can't quite explain to myself or my family or even friends ...that I seem to have a Super Detailed Oriented, Fully 3 Dimensional Animating, Chroma-Color Visualizing, Intuition Channeling, Total Abstract Connecting, Super Lateral Thinking, Crazy Creative Mind, that Compulsively and Relentlessly Focuses on how to improve every Damn thing I look at, touch, feel and think about everywhere I go, every waking day of my whole freaking life ... seriously, I wish I could turn it off at times because it does get really exhausting somedays, lol. So, essentially it's extremely easy for me to come up with much better solutions to pretty much any problem you can possibly think of when it comes to this sort of stuff or just about anything technology or systems related (except for the programming itself... so someone else still has to code it other than me). But in general I can just about 100% of the time think of a better way to do anything you show me; so don't hesitate to throw anything you guys are working on my way and give me a crack at it to help improve some aspect of it or offer a totally different vantage point. Or a user design issue that no one can seem to figure out. I pretty much guarantee that I will be able to figure it out quickly when no one else can... because that's what I always do (many of my friends can attest to this fact). I'd be open to working part time as a member of a design think tank to help give input for your team in the next cool features to implement and refine the user experience of those features if you see that I could add lots of value. That would be a lot of fun for me! My only concern is that I will have too many cool new ideas... but that's probably not a bad thing, right? Hell, it only took me about 5 min total to think up all of those solutions for the Overwhelming Templates problem. So just imagine what I can think up if you give me a whole hour! Or a full day! You'll probably get overwhelmed with the non-stop intricate details of every tiny aspect my mind generates :-)
  2. "SOLUTION TO THE OVERWHELMING PUBLIC USER-GENERATED TEMPLATES PROBLEM" - ADDENDUM... (Hussein, are you listening yet?) Actually, the system I described would do several things that directly apply to what you want. Manage the quantity of templates we're presented with (creating single icon stacks with subfolder of templates that are essentially variations of the same template in the order of the rating system... instead of the way it is now where every template, including every variation are all spread out in front of us in complete random, non-alphabetic, not categorical, non-order; There's like 10 templates all called "Meeting Minutes" and another 8 or 9 all called "Movie", etc. it would be much easier to sift through if simply scrolling through a consolidated list of unique names only... i.e. all 10 "Meeting Minutes" would be under 1 icon called "Meeting Minutes" and you would then see the highest rated one first when you click on it, but can quickly scroll through a preview of every variation that has been made of it with simple left/right arrow buttons with full star rating & review visible on each one as you very quickly click through them to find the one that most catches your eye. Another thing I just realized the browser needs to have is the option of selecting from a sort menu based on descending / ascending (depending on up or down arrow icon selected) and choose from Alphabetical, Categorical, Modified Date, Star Rating, Most Used and Favorites. Over to the right would be the integrated search window which would include the ability to search for "blog" and the closest matching and highest rated ones would be presented to you. Then you simply take it, modify it and if enough of other users rate your version as an improvement over the last, then your version of that blog template will be rated as the new highest (or 2nd best or 3rd in certain criteria for example). Or, if there simply isn't a blog template made yet and you make one, then that means you've created a whole new category of template and yours would be the only one that would show up in the integrated search, under the 'B's' for alphabetical sort order list, and 'Blog' under the categorical sort order list view, near the top of the modified date list view if you just created today, and in the Favorites Sort List if it's received a "Favorite" rating by other users. This design would solve the quantity, the quality and ease of searching for everyone. "Favorites" would be an addition to the star rating; any one of us can designate a template as a "Favorite" and as a template gets more "Favorite's" declared to it (by simply clicking on a check box under the ratings section), it gets a special vote that will make it be listed under the "Favorites" List View.
  3. I also agree that the Kustom Note templates should be made available from within Evernote itself. Just keep the custom editor and browsing of new templates online and only have templates you selected to show up in your Evernote Desktop Application as well as iPad/Smartphones. My main issue is that sometimes, I don't have an internet connection and I hate the idea that I can't access these awesome templates unless I'm online. I want to be able to have them available locally on my MacBook Pro and then after I create a new note using one, the moment an internet connection is made available it will then sync to the cloud just like any other note created in Evernote. And for templates that reference other internet services (like movie information), then the template will simply leave those areas blank until an internet connection is established and then add those in the moment that data is available. If Kustom Note can work like that... OMG! I will be in absolute Evernote / Kustom Note Heaven... Along with thousands of other users once they get a taste of it too! Please, please, please make this dream come true for us loyal users... lol. I just discovered Kustom Note a few hours ago (Been Using Evernote for almost 1 year now) and I've already fallen in Love with the possibilities of what Kustom Note can do, especially if it gets more integrated within Evernote.
  4. HERE IS THE SOLUTION TO THE OVERWHELMING PUBLIC USER-GENERATED TEMPLATES PROBLEM: Hey Martin Packer (and especially Hussein!), I believe that the simplest and most elegant way to help us users sift through the growing number of custom public templates is for Hussein to create a User Rating System based on different criteria. (1-5 stars for A. Usefulness / B. Intuitiveness / C. Look & Feel / D. Uniqueness / E. Completeness / F. Features / G. Love Level (could be funny!) ... etc. All of those separate criteria will be averaged out to a composite 1-5 Overall Star Rating that users can use to quickly scan through a list and judge templates, or look closer at each individual criteria if they wish to make a more informed decision. [This star rating system should also be integrated into a search engine on the Kustom Note Site, that allows for someone to quickly find the best template for what they want - Type of template, overall star rating, or show the templates that have the highest Rating for Usefulness shown first, followed by Features, and ignore the rest for example) Plus a way to leave a quick review to elaborate what they like and don't like (and what they added or changed to their tweaked version of it) and perhaps allow for different versions of that same template to be offered up as a sub-directory after clicking on it; instead of it simply causing the total number of templates to just explode even greater. Especially if the new one just has minor changes made to it (but allow for users to say it should be a whole new template by itself if they have made it significantly different) The templates that then start as stand alone and then start getting different versions of it, will be automatically resorted based on the review system and the best of the best will rise to the top of that template stack. This will then save the rest of us time because the total number of public templates will stay at a much more manageable size to browse through and by simply clicking on that stack (with the sub-directories), will will automatically be shown the best version of that template. But then there should be a preview option with arrows that allow you to scroll through all the different versions that that particular template has evolved through overtime (from the very first version to the latest version, with dates of modification, who changed it [or be anonymous if they choose], what was changed or added, as well as all the reviews with individual user ratings. Then, just like on the Apple App Store, have a top 10 or 25 most used and another for highest rated templates categories to help new users even further to quickly find the best templates and get back to work. ... Problem Solved!
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