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  1. Hm, did I just light the bulb?? I found an answer it seems. I'll take the above example where a tag's name was 2010 event. Now if I rename it to _2010 _event it changes everything! Now when I search for event it returns results from notes and titles only, and if I search for _event it returns results from tags only - even if this word is in the middle of a tag! And I don't even have to use the "tag:" function anymore! And theres is unprobable that there will be a note that has a word event with _ before it. I hope this "hack" won't be "fixed" in the coming releases UPDATE1 One more thing. After rename of tags I had to refresh indexing database (or something like that) since it ignored the changes. So I selected all notes, tagged them with a tag test123 and then removed this same tag. This somehow refreshed Evenotes's index and it works! UPDATE2 It seems to work if I use _ but not with . (a dot) . Didn't try other characters. UPDATE3 (this is starting to be a tutorial it seems) You can even optimize your tags with word you want to search for and the ones you don't want to search for. Example: Let's say you have a tag "_el _camino _de _santiago". But if you don't want to search all these words, just remove the spaces between them and the tag should be "_el_camino_de_santiago". Hope it makes sense - someone give a better example if needed:) UPDATE4 Ok, I found some other symbols that work aswell: ß and ł or Ł (both are the same in EN). Crazy stuff:)
  2. Interesting. Dear Evernote, what do you say about this? Any possibilites this feature will be in EN 5?
  3. When tagging, do I really need to start typing the whole tag from beginning to be able to select the proper tag from a dropdown menu that shows? You know what I mean, yeah?
  4. Ok, example: Let's say I have 2 tags: tag1: 2010 event and tag2: event november I would like to search for word "event" but in tags only (no titles, notes, pdfs). How do I do it? I'm sure I'ts possible! Evernote is awesome! Thank you all!
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