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  1. Thought I'd check in to see if this made any progress at all. To me a simple toggle between markdown (plain text really) and rich text would be great. To whoever stated that markdown was technical or whatever the statement was, read this: https://kdp.amazon.com/community/message.jspa?messageID=465298 If you don't want to add markdown to evernote, how about creating another product: "Evercode"? If I could have a combination of evernote and sublime text that allowed me to save snippets of code, like GitHub Gists, as well as images and all of the organization/tagging features of evernote,
  2. @yikeouch, why would they expand the current rich text editor? If we wanted that we would use Microsoft word. The purpose of markdown is expressly different than rich text. It allows you just write... text.
  3. Yep. Markdown is cool. Unfortunately, even basic elements get parsed "wrong" in one app and "right" in another, so it is in need of standards. I suppose that would be an argument against employing it. W3C may not have made Evernote possible with their web standards (the basis for Evernote's code), but they (probably) made a lot of things easier. Ultimately, I think we'd all like to get things like CSS support and Markdown support, but I also think this is stuff ideally suited for third-party integrations (some already exist), because the big numbers are in users who can just download the app a
  4. In reply to the assumptions that markdown isn't used by a lot of folks, I'm a "business guy", and I love markdown. A lot of people find it easier to write blogs or technical materials using markdown than with HTML, so what I really, REALLY was hoping was that I could write my blogs in evernote then transfer them to my blog... but alas, no. I would have to completely re-write everything. I think markdown is for *exactly* evernote's user base. People who don't write code but know how to do _this_. my 2 cents
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