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  1. Hi, First of all congrats on the dev team, keep up the good work! However even if there is some progress on the note localisation issue, it is still far from functional as far as i'm concerned: there is still no way to manually delete or edit the GPS position of a note, either by entering an address or the longitude/latitude. This is really annoying since it was part of the previous version and is a big part of my Evernote workflow. Please tell me you are working on this and it will be available soon in 5.0.2 Thanks! Fabien
  2. Hi, Thanks for the answer. If still being able to manually change location and enter directly the address is what you want to do, it is great news and a valuable added functionnality. Unfortunately right now, it just doesn't work, at least on my configuration: i have a 2009 iMac and am running MacOSX Lion. As you can see on the joined image, the location box is disabled and i can't enter anything. Hope you can find the problem... Thanks! Fabien
  3. Hi, Congratulations on the new version of Evernote. It is more beautiful and user-friendly, good job! However you removed one feature that is mandatory for me and my evernote workflow: be able to manually add a localisation. For example, when i capture a web article about a restaurant, i used to manually add the latitude and longitude so that it appears correctly on the map when i view this on my iPhone. Please add this simple feature back soon! Thanks Fabien
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