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  1. I can do that but I would have to make a short cut for every single notebook which kind of defeats the purpose of a shortcut. and my stacked notebooks wouldn't show up as stacked!
  2. @JayK my tags are supposed to have . and _ and ! in them. (see http://www.thesecretweapon.org/) @Jackolicious Nope still can't drag and drop notes. That 'shortcut' option comes up when I hover over a notebook.
  3. Afraid to say I agree. How can I move notes without having to click twice. Click and drag was SO much quicker. I could move multiple notes then too. (selecting multiple notes crashes my mac so I have to move them one at a time) why is the ordering of tags messed up? Tags starting with ! and . should be at the top not the bottom. When I click on the 'notebooks' option I don't even understand it. The notebooks under the stack don't look like their a part of the stack at all. I stared at it for a good 3-4 minutes before I sort of understood what it was trying to do. I almost cried until I realised I could have my list of notebooks back in the sidebar. I appreciate what you guys were trying to do but adding fancy new features and removing tried and tested useful features isn't the best way to go. Looking forward to a way to get back to the old version (using the web version for organising and app for creating notes atm (have removed 'shortcuts' 'maps' and 'recently viewed' from the app too)
  4. I can drag to tags but I cant drag to notebooks. How can such a basic functionality be missed out! I agree with TBeck, it looks great but thats about it!!! all the functionality people need is gone for the sake of some fancy maps very few people (in the grand scheme of things) will use! Really regretting upgrading now. I'm having to google how to do basic things like moving notes between notebooks! this is a great example of bad UX! or at the very least very poor user testing. *le sigh* onto to web view for me
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