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  1. Good. That is what I was hoping they would do. I do not want 2MB photos loading up my Evernote account and requiring a Premium membership just to upload and store notes with photos.
  2. It appears to be a problem with the full size photos that the Evernote in-app camera takes. When I upgraded to Evernote premium (with larger allowable note sizes), the syncing started to work better, but not perfect. I then started creating notes with Awesome Note which syncs with Evernote. In Awesome Note you are able to take smaller sized photos (200KB instead of 2.5MB). Notes that I created in Awesome Note with smaller photos synced fine. One note wouldn't sync because I added another photo (taken with Awesome Note) to a note previously created with Evernote. All the other photos in the note were full size (2MB) photos. When I reduced all the previous photos to 200KB size (using Windows Office Picture Manager) the note then synced. It appears to be that Evernote needs to give an option for taking reduced size photos with the in-app camera. Otherwise, a good work around seems to be using Awesome Note when creating notes with photos.
  3. i've had the same problem. i had about 15 notes created on my iphone 4s with photos taken with the in-app camera that were refusing to sync. Several notes were near the maximum size but not all of them. Notes without photos were syncing fine. i decided to upgrade to Premium to see if that would help. After upgrading to Premium, the notes would start syncing. I would still get the same error messages, but some notes would sync. After about 5 tries, all the notes eventually synced.
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