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  1. I'm having this same problem on my iPhone 8 and it is VERY frustrating. This very feature is why I use evernote...to be able to search everything, so I don't have to always remember exactly which folder I put the note in.
  2. Just purchased a ScanSnap Evernote Edition (green button). It works fine when connected with USB or via WiFi to my Mac. However, when I use Scannable on my iPhone, Scannable never finds the ScanSnap. I followed Klang's instructions... they are both on the same WiFi network, USB cord unplugged, have up-to-date app on my phone and on my computer. Any other/new ideas why the Scannable app on my phone can't find the ScanSnap? Thank you.
  3. I have had this same problem: iPhone 4s, runing 6.0.1. I was having problems syncing photos. Here is a workaround that I have been using for the past couple of weeks and it isn't TOO difficult: 1. Take the photos you want with the regular iPhone camera. 2. Go to the iPhone "Photos" app, into Camera Roll, and select all the photos you want to appear in one Evernote note. (Do this by pushing Edit at the top and then touching each photo. A red checkmark will appear on the photos you select.) 3. Push Share at the bottom, then Mail. 4. Mail the photos to your unique Evernote email address. (I created an entry in my Contacts book that is my evernote email and has "eee" as my name. It is really easy to then type "eee" in the TO field of the email, and the correct email address pops up.) Also, in the subject line of the email, you can give the note a title that will appear as the note title in Evernote. For example, if I wanted the photos of my recent computer purchase to show up in my Receipts notebook, I would use the following as my email Subject: Laptop @Receipts 5. Push Send at the top when everything is the way you want it. 6. A screen should pop up asking if you want to reduce the message size. I usually select Medium resolution for my photos. They still print great and I can read them just fine. I hope the Evernote team fixes this problem quickly. But, until they do, this is working for me.
  4. Same thing for me. I'm a premium user. I will try to hang on and hope they can fix this bug.
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