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  1. Hi all, I'm in the market for a new multifunction printer for home use. While looking at the Evernote Trunk the other day I noticed the link to the Brother web site. I followed that link, searched everywhere on Brother's (UK) website and couldn't find a single model that said it supported a Scan To Evernote feature. So I started Googling and I've found so many vague documents it's unbelievable. I did find a link to a Brother printer that may support this feature but it was really vague and only appears to be available in the US. The only document I found that said a specific model of printer (made by HP) has a scan to Evernote feature built in to it was for a model that is no longer made. I don't really want to but a multifunction printer AND a separate scanner just for Evernote. Is there a list somewhere of printer models that have a scan to Evernote feature (or the ability to add one) so I can do some comparisons or am I misunderstanding this whole concept? Thanks Steve
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