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  1. Me, too, though I'm embarrassed that I asked for a feature that was already there. :-) (Even worse, having been a software developer, I know what it's like to have customers complain about things needlessly.) Thanks for following up, Jack -- Evernote really does seem to be a company that listens to its user base. Do you know if there are any plans to put a greater focus on saved searches in the new interface, such as adding them to the sidebar along with Altas, Tags, etc., or is my heavy use of saved searches not the normal use case for most customers?
  2. Ah, I found how to make new saved searches at http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/31491-evernote-500/: "Saved searches appear in the search field now. Then can be made through Edit > Find > Save Search" Not intuitive to me, at least given experience with using previous versions of Evernote. That said, I think that overall this is good work by the developers, and continues to be a vital application for me.
  3. The newest version of Evernote, version 5, has made some changes to the interface that is hampering my ability to use the product. Specifically: There does not seem to be a way to edit saved searches; in version 4, one could right-click on a saved search and edit the saved search as needed Saved searches need to be manually dragged from the dropdown menu in the search bar to the shortcuts bar for easy access I was unable to figure out how to create new saved searches; the menu option is no longer there, nor does dragging searches to the shortcuts seem to work It took me a while to figure out how to create nested tags; in the sidebar, dragging tags into existing "category" tags I already have set up does not create a nested tag as expected (and which was the behavior in Evernote 4). However, it can be done by clicking on "Tags" in the sidebar and managing tags there. I've seen other posters on the forum also unable to create nested tags. Some things will just take getting used to, and I do like the overall look of the new version. Plus, the Atlas view is pretty neat; I can see it being useful in the future. Really, the feature I'd like is to add a "Saved searches" item in the sidebar, and restoring the editing of saved searches by right-clicking. (And while I'm making feature requests, can we get a "saved searches" tab for the iOS version of Evernote, too?) And little things such as options to insert date and time (new in the Mac version, I believe) are going to be great time-savers. Saved searches seems to be the weak point of the new version. Is anyone else having difficulties with saved searches?
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