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  1. If I open Notebook 1 and sort by title, then open Notebook 2 and sort by created date, when I go back to Notebook 1 it will now be sorted by created date. I always want Notebook 1 sorted by title and always want Notebook 2 by date. This is a minor detail, but annoying nonetheless. I can't imagine this is very difficult to implement - most desktop email clients have this (Mac Mail for sure). Thanks
  2. I was talking about Mac, but this solution works on Mac as well. I still think it would be nice to be able to switch back and forth between notes within the main window, without having to open notes in a new window, but I actually hadn't thought about doing this and it works perfectly for the intended purpose. Thanks!
  3. In any other program—Microsoft Word for example—I can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + ` to switch between documents. I see no equivalent here. I would like to create a new note based on information in a current note and would like to be able to quickly toggle back and forth to review information or copy/paste material.
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