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  1. This has been fixed in version 5.x.x. Has been for while. In the main Evernote window. Click on the Tag button and select one, by, one, the tags.
  2. I've been using Evernote 5 for Mac a few months now and it's becoming less of an issue. Although I would still like to have the option. I found out one can save a 'search' and then put a shortcut of that search in the right hand bar. This is an option not particular clear. You need to create and save the search first. Then select the [name of] search and drag that to the side bar. Evernote team should make it more obvious to add a 'saved search' to the side bar!
  3. Same issue with Evernote 5. Would like to select multiple tags in the side bar, I too use list view.
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