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  1. Hmm, hard to believe this defect is still there! It's pretty persistent for me... surprised its not happening to more people!
  2. Thanks - I like the setup! ...but - it's looking like maybe it's part of the problem? I came into work today, woke up my laptop (it had been suspended, not powered down, in my laptop bag) - and tried skitch again... (stitch had still been running) Anyway, was getting just the captured cursor again... So then I tried capturing different windows on the screen to see if I could get different behaviour... Then when I went to capture a screen on my left-most monitor (my laptop screen is set up in the middle) - the capture came up blank... hmm, interesting.... So then I started capturing across the different screens - and it appears that when I moved skitch itself over to the right-most monitor - it started capturing screens again. But capturing from the center switched from being cursor to being a blank image... Anyway - lots of clicking back and forth to see if I can figure anything out... and well, it's confusing... It seems that I'll have runs where it's only capturing a cursor, then it'll capture a blank screen, and then it will work fine for a run... It may have *something* to do with whether the window to be captured is active or not. I was repeatedly trying to capture a window (and only getting the cursor), when I realized the window I was clicking on to capture wasn't active... Once I made it active, I *was* able to capture the window... must this doesn't seem to be 100% effective (a few minutes later, it was giving me just the cursor capture again - and even when I made the window active it wouldn't capture)... Anyway, I'm definitely guessing that my multi-monitor setup may be part of the issue - and possibly the active state of the window - but who knows?!! Good luck - hope that helps! (confusing as it is!) Paul.
  3. Mac OS X 10.9 (13A3017) MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch, Late 2013 16 GB Ram Oh - and I've got the laptop set up with 2 additional monitors (one connected via the VGA adapter, one straight via HDMI) Skitch 2.7 (263181) ..And... I just went to do another capture - and it worked!!!! Sheesh!!!! (Note sure why it's working now - I've tried on a bunch of different windows and its currently working for me) I'm a developer too - I know how frustrating *intermittent* defects can be to find and fix!!! I'll let you know if it happens again - and see if I can figure out *when* it's happening...
  4. Hi, Anyone having an issue with the cross-hair screenshot not working properly on Mavericks anymore? Sure - it works if I drag and select an area... but if I just click on a window it no longer captures that window by default... (instead it seems to capture an image of the cursor?) Anybody else having this issue... seems to have just cropped up a week or two ago for me? (Don't recall if there was a software update then?) Or has this functionality changed intentionally? (I hope not). Paul.
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