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  1. I couldn't agree more. Also, for me, email reminders are not working. [see 'Options' -> 'Reminders' tab -> Checkbox checked.]
  2. Nick, coincidentally, I am literally just now chatting with someone from support. I have the same issue and have not gotten any emails on my reminders. Curious, are you a business user? On the notification within windows itself, I just tested it and you get a small popup like the "syncing" one on the bottom right of the screen Hi Xabi, I'm a Premium user, but not Business user. Not noticed any pop-up notification at the bottom right, but will look for that. Thanks
  3. Reminders not reminding. I have set reminders but do not get reminded when they are due! I have checked the checkbox marked 'Receive reminder emails' on the 'Reminders' tab under 'Options' but do not receive any notifications. I would have thought that perhaps there would also be some form of notification within the Windows app when a reminder became due. Am I missing something?
  4. Should tell you at the bottom of the application in the status bar. You can enable/disable this: View / Show Status Bar Also, I've found View / Show Search Explanation, shows number of hits plus why they are hits (which notebooks have been searched, which words...) Excellent find! This 'missing' search-criteria dropdown negates most of the pain of having the search box over on the far right for me. "Show Search Explanation" wins the day!
  5. Excellent work, Windows team, with Version 5 so far. I have a couple of usability issues to report.I believe having the shortcuts in the sidebar is a good idea. What would be even better though, would be to also restore the ability to pin notes/saved searches to the Toolbar again. Here's why: Power-users tend to have a large no. of notes and/or complex notebook or tag trees. For me (and I suspect many others) a brilliant way of working easily with that complexity was simply to drag whatever tags/saved-searches you are currently working with onto the Toolbar. This forms a kind of 'temporary workspace' or 'virtual desktop', where you have at hand all that you need for your current work context without the distraction of everything else. This was so useful. Please, please, please bring this back.Having the search box a distance away form the search results (ie. the notes list) is very awkward. Maybe it's only power-users who will struggle with this... but the normal process of building a search query -- particularly one with complex search parameters -- is to experiment, using the feedback from eye-balling the returned notes to fine tune the search terms until you arrive at what you want. In other words, it's an iterative process where your attention (and your mouse) is on both the search query and it's results simultaneously. This becomes incredibly difficult if the input and output of your interaction are in different locations.Minor nit: The rightmost scrollbar appears to be a couple of shades lighter than the leftmost scrollbar, and its lightness makes it difficult to see on a large monitor.Reminders: Could you include the Reminder related fields (isReminder, reminderChecked, reminderDate ??) in the list of fields you can select to include in the List View please. The List View is an incredibly powerful tool to manage the meta-data of large number of notes together. It would be shame not to maintain that. Finally, a question: Where can I find information on the new search terms/parameters for Reminders?I hope this feedback is useful. As I said, nothing but admiration for your efforts so far. Thanks again.
  6. Where is this? Or how do i use this feature? In the Reminders section while you're in All Notes, you should see Reminders in various notebooks (if you have them). You can drag and reorder in this section But still only in the snippet view? Are you still planning on showing them in the list view somewhere? I, for one, think that the current implementation of reminders is spot on. Having reminders in the snippet and card views allows me access reminders whenever I want, and at the same time leave the list view uncluttered. BTW, congratulations to DLU and cohorts for handling the BETA feedback as well as you have. It is no small task to be open and responsive to critique, and at the same time stay true to your design vision. Very well done!
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