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  1. Hussein, There is no reason to reinvent the wheel here, Focus on creating the very best Forms editor for Evernote as a separate application. This would include the ability to place fields and graphics anywhere on a defined note size page. Then work with Evernote to get them to add a field to their notes to call up your templates. When a user in Evernote adds a new note, one of the options would be to specify a template form to be used for the note. While your at it get them to support multiple pages in a note... as some forms are multi-page. This would be a MUCH more elegant solution!!!! It would cause you much less programming greif too!

  2. Now, I'm wondering why we should have another native app for all platforms. It should be part of Evernote, point.

    Think about Evernote Food, Hello, Skitch, Penultimate, Clearly, Webclipper - those are all separate apps.

    Kustom Note is pretty much the same concept as Evernote Food/Hello except it's a lot more powerful and flexible since you can use Kustom Note for whatever you want instead of just food/contacts.

    A separate app has some advantages:

    Not everyone needs elaborate custom templates. A separate app has a lot of freedom, it doesn't have to please everyone and it could be made for a specific niche, e.g. power users.

    It doesn't bloat and is not bloated by the native Evernote client.

    The only minor disadvantage I can see is security.

    I disagree, Templates should be apart of Evernote! It should be a tool with-in Evernote. I users choose not to use it then fine but the tool should be there for those who wish to use it. I am quite surprised it has taken this long for someone to tackle this, and I am somewhat disappinted that it was not Evernote who took the lead on this.

  3. Not all programs that a user interacts with is as accomidating as Evernote. The real problem is data presentaion in evernote and the ability to get text data into and out of evernote. The importing and exporting is not the issue, a forms generator that you can use to generate a particular form and then attach that to notes and note books is the issue.

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