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  1. Is there any reason why you can change note info on the desktop client but not on the web? Conversely, why can you location data on the web but not on the desktop client? I would love to be able to change both on both!
  2. I was doing this last night. Whoever I was speaking with stopped correspondence :/ Anyway, I opened another ticket....
  3. I'm trying to sign up for this, but I'm having some issues. One: The 'Create Site' button does do anything half of the time. Two: At sign up, it creates a notebook for you. When I try to change the default notebook it never recognizes it. It simply will not sync up. I am using the 'published tag' I really want to use this service.
  4. I figured it out. I have the correct version of EN, but was running OSX Snow Leapord. When I upgraded to Mountain Lion it showed. Weird...
  5. Am I crazy? I don't see it. Does it need the latest version of Skitch?
  6. Where am I supposed to see Skitch icon? I don't see it. I know I have the latest version because I see the highlighter
  7. Has anyone noticed a larger drain on battery power on the iphone since installing Evernote with reminders??
  8. I think this is just a normal to-do list with a reminder added. I'm assuming this isn't a feature, per se, but something you can do with reminders.
  9. You mentioned the ability to pin notes to the top now. I can't find out how to do that. Love the reminders so far, btw
  10. I've been able to recreate this now. I'm on OS X 10.6.8 running the latest EN. It happens to me when changing tags throughout a succession of notes in a notebook. This happens when either adding or deleting tags in one note then clicking into the next note, which happens every 2nd or 3rd note. For example: I have a notebook that archives my Tumblr posts. Every time I post to Tumblr, a new note in EN is created (via IFTTT). I realized tonight that I don't care to have any of the notes tagged (the Tumblr tags were carrying over). So I was going through each note in succesion and deleting the tags. Every 2nd or 3rd note, EN just disappears. This happens very consistently For me to able to get EN to come back up, I have to click on the application that was behind EN (Chrome for example) to make it active, then click on EN in the dock and it comes back up. Otherwise, I can't get EN to open up.
  11. This happens to me as well. I notice it a lot when I'm going through notes and doing a lot of tagging. I can't really reproduce it. It just seems to occur when doing continual repetitive things in Evernote. I'm on EN 5.0.7 on OS X 10.6.8
  12. Yes. I went back to the previous version. http://mac.filehorse.com/download-evernote/2755/download/
  13. This was my main issue. It was painfully sloooooow on my Macbook. Even went as far as re-installing version 3. May wait awhile before trying version 5 again.
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