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  1. I have a workable solution to the shortcut. Only for Mac though. It may seem complicated but its really not. Launch Automator Create a new service change "Service receives selected" to "No Input" change "Any Application" to Safari Make sure Safari is directly under automator Click Record Click the web clipper toolbar button Click Stop on the record panel Save the service (Name it anything you want) Open System Preferences Select Keyboard Select the Keyboard Shortcuts Tab Select Application Shortcuts on the Left side list Click the "+" button under the Right Side list Set Safari for the application Enter the EXACT name you saved the service as for "Menu Title" Assign any keyboard shortcut you want in the shortcut box Click Add You can now activate the web clipper with that shortcut in Safari This works well for me. One note of caution is that if you change the number or order of toolbar buttons in Safari you will have to re-record the action in the service.
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