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  1. I've also noticed this problem. Slightly resizing the image fixes it, but it's very annoying.
  2. I discovered a very weird behavior today with 6.9b2. I had not tried this with previous versions so I don't know when it was introduced. While playing with my keybindings today, I removed the keybinding for "Paste to Evernote" as shown in the attachment. After doing this, I find that the "a" key (without any modifiers!) gets bound to this action, so I can't type anything, as soon as I type an "a", Evernote gets brought to the front and a new note with whatever I have in the clipboard gets created. I didn't realize immediately what had triggered this problem, so I initially restarted my session and rebooted my machine, and the condition persisted. After quitting Evernote or reassigning the binding, the problem goes away. I can reproduce this at will just by removing the keybinding. This is clearly a big problem, I hope it can be solved by the next release - thanks in advance! My system: Evernote Version 6.9 Beta 2 (453896 Direct), Mac OS X 10.11.6 (15G31).
  3. @SoftwareMarcus, I am sorry but this is not true. With "Email note", the recipient gets a copy of the note (including any attachments, very important) by email. With Work Chat they get a LINK to view the note, and before being able to do so they have to sign up or login to Evernote. As I said in my previous reply, these are completely different functions. I see value in both of them, but please do not make "Email note" a second-class citizen or remove it.
  4. @SoftwareMarcus, I agree with others that "Work chat" and "Email note" are fully different functions. I love Evernote, but I work with many people who don't use it, and it's not my place to evangelize to them. So in many cases I just want to share the contents of a note with them. I don't want to force them to sign up for Evernote. In my testing, "Work chat" forces you to sign up or sign in to even see the contents of the note. I was also disappointed that "Email note" was taken off the main Share button, and think that it should be put back. @serioustiger: I've been using a custom Application Shortcut for "Email note" since a few versions ago. It works, but I've found that sometimes the shortcut is not recognized. I haven't been able to identify a pattern - sometimes it works, and sometimes I have to select the menu entry with the mouse. Have you seen this as well? --Diego
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