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  1. I've also noticed this problem. Slightly resizing the image fixes it, but it's very annoying.
  2. I discovered a very weird behavior today with 6.9b2. I had not tried this with previous versions so I don't know when it was introduced. While playing with my keybindings today, I removed the keybinding for "Paste to Evernote" as shown in the attachment. After doing this, I find that the "a" key (without any modifiers!) gets bound to this action, so I can't type anything, as soon as I type an "a", Evernote gets brought to the front and a new note with whatever I have in the clipboard gets created. I didn't realize immediately what had triggered this problem, so I initially restarted my session and rebooted my machine, and the condition persisted. After quitting Evernote or reassigning the binding, the problem goes away. I can reproduce this at will just by removing the keybinding. This is clearly a big problem, I hope it can be solved by the next release - thanks in advance! My system: Evernote Version 6.9 Beta 2 (453896 Direct), Mac OS X 10.11.6 (15G31).
  3. But this is how it works in the previous notebook selector - I can type any substring to search for the notebook to which I want to jump or move a note, and I use it all the time. Granted, this only matches notebook/stack names and not every note. Maybe substring matching could only be done for notebook/stack names in the new selector?
  4. The new selector looks very nice and Spotlight-y. I have a couple of comments: Doesn't seem to match non-word-beginnings, e.g. I have a notebook called "0INBOX", if I type "inb" in the selector, this notebook is not shown in the matches, only if I type "0inb". It does not match stack names (the previous selector does). (feature request) it would be nice if it matched saved search names as well. @JMichaelTX I have continued using the new selector exactly in the same way I used the previous one, and other than the two first items above (which I'm sure will be fixed) it seems to be pretty much a drop-in replacement from the previous one. To answer your question: it does NOT show you your entire stack/notebook structure like the previous one did, you have to type what you are looking for. For this you'd need to look in the sidebar or the notebooks screen for the notebook you need.
  5. Hi, I've been using 6.2beta3 for a few days now. One problem I noticed is that the "View as attachment" setting on my notes is not preserved (I often use this for notes that have multi-page attachments, as it makes it easy to select which one I want to open). At the moment it seems that in such notes, only the first attachment is shown as an icon, the rest in the note are expanded inline. Could this please be fixed? Update: I also noticed that the "View as attachment" option did not appear in the context menu on my attachments, when I view the note in the main Evernote window. If I double-click it to open it in a separate window, then the context menu gets fixed and I can "View as attachment" again. Once I make this change in 6.2beta3, the attachments remain in the correct view, even after I restart Evernote.
  6. Hi, I've been using 6.2beta2 for a few days now (I didn't use beta1) on OS X 10.11. Here are my impressions: Overall it's worked well. I like the darker sidebar and the new notebook list.My main annoyance, as others have mentioned, is the tag field. Some things I noticed:​The inability to scroll it is really annoying. Not so much the lack of a visible scrollbar, but if I use the two-finger gesture on my trackpad, I should be able to scroll the list.If I am editing tags, select Cmd-a (select all of them) and then Delete, the tags are deleted but the field loses focus, so I have to re-select it. This is particularly annoying if I'm on a smart search view based on a tag search, since the note disappears before I can make any other changes.If I select all tags and just start typing to replace them, two things happen:Only the last tag in the list is removed and replaced, the other tags remain the sameOnly seems to work if I type a letter. I have a lot of tags starting with non-alphanumeric characters (@, %, +, etc.), and I cannot type them this way. I have to delete them first, which triggers the field-loses-focus mentioned above.Sometimes, selecting tags doesn't work at all, no matter if I use Cmd-a, Shift-arrows, etc.Sometimes, auto-completion doesn't work, the list just doesn't appear.Sometimes I can press Enter to exit the tag field, other times that doesn't work and I have to use tab or click somewhere else.Overall the new behavior of the tag field is really inconsistent and broken.I had a weird occurrence this morning, suddenly Evernote started using a lot of CPU (top showed it at ~250%). The activity window seemed to show a lot of messages of this type:2015/10/09 12:14:25:070 I|* -[ENCacheManager generateOperationsForResource:usingGenerator:] | Received resource with cacheStatus:0, generated no operations [fe39250b-3298-4240-87b3-fb80622d8dea]intermixed with errors like these:2015/10/09 12:09:49:265 E|*** -[ENXMLParserWriter errorWithLibXMLCode:] | libxml error desc: Start tag expected, '<' not found2015/10/09 12:09:49:265 E|*** -[ENRecoInfo initWithFile:] | Could not parse reco xml: Error Domain=Evernote XML Error Code=4 "(null)" UserInfo={ENXMLErrorDomain_LibXMLError=4}I removed ~/Library/Caches/com.evernote.Evernote and restarted Evernote. It re-cached everything and then went normal.Thanks for listening!--Diego System info: Version: Evernote Mac 6.2 Beta 2 (452409) Locale: en-CH OS: 10.11.0 WebKit: 601.1.56 WebCore: 601.1.55Mac Model: MacBookPro11,5 CPU Type: IntelCPU Count: 8CPU Speed: 2.500000 GHz RAM: 16.000000 GB Date: 2015-10-09 10:44:24 +0000
  7. @foogoo, thanks for replying, it's good to know it's not just me I have filed a support ticket about this with Evernote a couple of days ago, but no reply so far.
  8. Hi, I thought it would be a good idea to use emoji in some of my tags to help me visually identify them (got the idea from this thread). Unfortunately, when I click on such a tag in the OS X client, no notes are displayed. If I remove the emoji from the tag, the notes are found again. This works fine on the iOS and web clients, it seems only the OS X client has this issue. I'm attaching some screenshots that illustrate the problem. This is with Evernote 6.0.6 on OS X 10.10.2 (the problem existed already on 6.0.5 at least). Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks, --Diego OS X client not showing tagged notes: Web and iOS clients do show the tagged notes:
  9. @SoftwareMarcus, I am sorry but this is not true. With "Email note", the recipient gets a copy of the note (including any attachments, very important) by email. With Work Chat they get a LINK to view the note, and before being able to do so they have to sign up or login to Evernote. As I said in my previous reply, these are completely different functions. I see value in both of them, but please do not make "Email note" a second-class citizen or remove it.
  10. @SoftwareMarcus, I agree with others that "Work chat" and "Email note" are fully different functions. I love Evernote, but I work with many people who don't use it, and it's not my place to evangelize to them. So in many cases I just want to share the contents of a note with them. I don't want to force them to sign up for Evernote. In my testing, "Work chat" forces you to sign up or sign in to even see the contents of the note. I was also disappointed that "Email note" was taken off the main Share button, and think that it should be put back. @serioustiger: I've been using a custom Application Shortcut for "Email note" since a few versions ago. It works, but I've found that sometimes the shortcut is not recognized. I haven't been able to identify a pattern - sometimes it works, and sometimes I have to select the menu entry with the mouse. Have you seen this as well? --Diego
  11. Hi, I've noticed that the "Move note to" submenu (I think it was under "Note") is gone in beta6. I noticed because I had mapped keyboard shortcuts to some of those items to be able to do one-key moving of notes to common notebooks. Now I have to invoke "Move to notebook" and select the destination notebook, which is much less efficient. Would it be possible to bring back the "Move to" menu?
  12. Not sure what you mean - there are two different commands: Insert Date and Insert Time (at least on Evernote for Mac which is what I use).
  13. Thank you so much for this description, the limited selection had been driving me mad, it's nice to finally learn how it works and how to change it.
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