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  1. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your bill. As you mentioned, Sponsored Groups are no longer available and if you are looking for another way to pay for a group of users, Evernote Business would be a great option to simplify the billing on your account. I am going to go ahead and make your post into a support ticket so we can further investigate the charges and determine what may be occurring.
  2. There are a few things you will want to check on your business notebook to see if you have the correct permissions to it. If you go to the notebook in question on your desktop app, then right click on the notebook (control click on Mac), you will see an option for the Notebook Properties (Notebook Settings on Mac.) Once you are in this area, you will see what permissions that you have to this specific notebook. You will see if there are rights for you to modify the notebook, or only view the notebook. If you are seeing the notebook has a lock on it, then it means that you only have View Only access to the notebook which this will also confirm. If you are the administrator on the Evernote Business account, you can modify your sharing settings by going to the Help menu --> Admin Console --> Manage Notebooks --> Click the notebook --> Share --> then adjust the sharing settings to your account / the user in question. If you are not the administrator, you would need to have the administrator make this change for you. I have seen users experience this if they have a notebook that they publish to the business with View Only rights, then the user goes into the Business home area and leaves the notebook and rejoins the notebook. By doing this, it will give you the permissions of the business which would be View Only. If you continue to have problems, then I would submit a support ticket and our support team would be happy to help troubleshoot this with you further. Jon H
  3. Hi BJensenKT, I do apologize for you not being able to get in touch with chat agents. I am going to have our Customer Support manager further investigate this situation and why this may have occurred so we can work to correct this from happening. As to the business tags, if the tags that you are using on the subject line of your emails are not already used on a note within that business notebook, it will not create the tag and attach it to the note. Once you have a note within that particular business notebook with the tag, then you can use it when forwarding emails into that particular notebook. Jon H
  4. You can see any notebook that has been published to the business (business library) by going to the building icon in your Evernote app (your business name will be listed below it) and then clicking on the Business Notebooks area. These notebooks that you see on this page will include all the notebooks that are published to the business as well as notebooks that you have access to (shared directly to you within the business.) In order to share a notebook to the business, it does have to be a business notebook. If you have a personal notebook that you want to publish to the business, you will first need to convert the notebook to a business notebook and then share it to the business.
  5. Hi Martin, I wanted to add a few details to what Chris was saying that will hopefully clear a few things up. With Evernote Business, when you share a notebook to the business library / business home area, you can right click on the notebook in the client and Modify the sharing permissions and de-publish the notebook from the business if you have modify and invite others access to the notebook. You will need to select the Modify Sharing option (on Mac) or the Share Notebook option (on Windows) to get to the area where you can depublish the business notebook. To depublish the notebook in the Share Notebook settings, go to the line that has the icon with the books on a shelf and the business name and click the X. This will remove it from being published. As you mentioned, if you right click on the notebook, you do see the option to leave the notebook in the app rather than delete a business notebook. This is designed so that if you no longer need a business notebook associated with your account, you can leave the notebook and retain all of the information with the business, but remove it from your account. You can delete the notebook by going to the Admin Console ---> Manage Notebooks ---> Click on the notebook ---> Click the link to delete the notebook. Only administrators can permanently delete business content. You also mentioned the contact name of a notebook. This field is to help guide people to who will be able to tell them more about the notebook. You can change the entry of to a new employee that takes over the project or the notebook so you can always have the most current person listed on the notebook. Last, as an administrator you can go into the Admin Console of the account and adjust the sharing settings of any business notebook as well as delete the entire notebook if needed. These actions do take place in the Admin Console and not in the Evernote app itself. Jon H
  6. If you are on a PC and using the Windows Evernote app, you are able to right click on the note and it will give you an option to Move Note and then select the notebook option and then scroll down to the appropriate business notebook to move the note into. You will need to have modify or modify and invite others access to add notes to the business notebook. Jon H
  7. One thing I would point out is that you cannot be a member of two different Evernote Business accounts at the same time. You can be a part of one Evernote Business account and then have notebooks shared to you from another Evernote Business account. The difference is that you could not have access to the second business library nor access to both administrative consoles if you were looking to have this type of permissions. BNF is correct in that you can create notebooks and share to two separate groups of people under 1 account, but you could not use the business library to do this as anything in the business library would be visible to all members of the account.
  8. I am glad that you were able to fix the issue. If you see it happen again, definitely let us know so we can investigate further. Jon H
  9. Harry, Dlu is right, you may want to see if you are on the latest version of the iPad app. I have seen where some of the earlier version (pre-Evernote Business) will show the notebooks as joined notebooks instead of as business notebooks. Jon H
  10. Hi Akrde, The business library is a place you can see all the notebooks that the various business users have published for the entire business to have the ability to join. If you join a notebook, that notebook will then appear in your Evernote client and start to sync the information to your client. This is a way to join a notebook without the notebook owner needing to individually invite everyone in the business. Jon H
  11. Hi Nico75, Welcome to the Evernote Forums! When it comes to creating tags for Evernote Business on Windows, you cannot nest tags on the business notes. Also, you will see all the tags that exist for a specific business notebook when you select an individual business notebook. If you want to see all the business tags for the notebooks you are joined to, click on the "Business" notebook that houses all of your business notebooks. Have a great day! Jon H
  12. Hi Chris, You can see the various apps that are available for Evernote Business by going to the Evernote Trunk and then scrolling down to the section called "Evernote at Work." You can go directly to this area by going to the following link. http://trunk.evernote.com/theme/business On the Evernote Blog, there are some more details about the apps that are currently Business Ready. The blog is here : http://blog.evernote.com/business/ Now, when it comes to opening up office documents on an iPad and saving them back into Evernote, I do not see an app for that at this time, but I would recommend checking out the business ready apps as we continue to add new partners. Jon H
  13. Hi Alex, Thank you for the suggestions. There are a few things that I would point out on Evernote Business that do answer some of these questions and suggestions. You can publish any notebook to the business library by right clicking on the business notebook, going to the Share Notebook and then publish to the business library. This said, I will pass along your suggestion to have drag and drop functionality to publish a notebook to the business library to my team for consideration. If you are an administrator of your Evernote Business account, you do have the ability to go into the Admin Console and then the Manage Notebooks area. In this area, you will see all the business notebooks that exist as well as how many users are joined to that notebook and if the notebook is a part of the business library or not. When it comes to exporting an entire notebook, administrators can export an entire business notebook by going to the Admin Console, then Manage Notebooks and then clicking on the notebook. You will then see an option to export the notebook. You mentioned that you wanted to keep the original structure of the notebook when importing an ENEX file back in, can you tell me a few more details about what you mean? I want to make sure I am understanding your suggestion. Jon H
  14. Hi CSD, Your employees can create notes in a specific business notebook by opening that business notebook first, then in the top right of the notebook, clicking the + symbol. This will generate a new note in that specific business notebook. When it comes to moving notes, you cannot move a note from a personal notebook to a business notebook on iOS. Jon H
  15. Hi rbboot, When it comes to tags with Evernote Business, if the person sharing the business notebook gives modify rights to the other business users, then the users are able to add new tags to the notes that they have modify access. If you share a notebook to a Free user and give this user modify access, they will not be able to add new tags, but rather add existing tags that are in the notebook to the note. To see business tags in the Window client, select the business notebook and it will display all the tags associated with that specific notebook. If you select the "Business" section of notebooks, it will display all the business tags associated with the business notebooks that you have joined. Last, you are correct in that if a user is not a part of the business, they will not see the business library.
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