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  1. 6.0.3, 451151 App Store the text/ body of notes is suddenly all blank. wtf????
  2. been using evernote some time, just had my first problem with the latest release, and it came out with all guns blazing. after creating a few notes, now the bodies of all my notes are invisible, or gone. I don't know, I can't read them anymore. I know I should be polite and all that but - WTF?????? I hope I didn't just lose years of work, please tell me that's not the case, pretty please????
  3. I just started having this issue, first time I've ever had a problem with evernote. Was creating a bunch of notes, closed one out, and the body of ALL my notes are now invisible. Quit and restart evernote, can't any of my notes anymore. WTF?????
  4. so like, the Mac version is now 5.0.4 and I can't see any of the highlighting features discussed here implemented. I was able to highlight some text on my iPad and see that pop up in the Mac client, but still no highlighting controls available in the actual Mac client itself.
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