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  1. Thank you for all the replies. I was able to accomplish what I intended to do. This is what I ended up doing: I created a QR Code using the Note Share -> Copy Note URL to Clipboard. This created a shared note accessed to a public user via a webpage. When a user scanned the QR code it spawned a web browser which pulled put the shared Evernote Note. On that shared note on my PC/Mac Evernote Application, I pasted in the "Copy Note Link" information at the top of the note. This created one of the evernote:/// style links and put it on the shared note webpage. This QR code is placed onto a "widget" which is being tracked during a new product design phase. So a user can scan the QR code on the widget to view the information / history on the widget in the shared note on a web browser interface. If I use my iPhone to scan the QR code on the widget I view the same webpage where I can read the history of the widget but I can also touch on the "evernote:///" link I pasted into the shared note which then spawns Evernote App on my iPhone and pulls up the associated note. I can then edit / add information about the widget to the note on my phone. Right now I am the only one who updates information in the Evernote Note for each widget. I hope this sparks some other ideas on how to use QR codes and Evernote links. -matt
  2. These are all awesome ideas using QR and I'd like to get started with some of my own uses within Evernote. I'm currently "hung up" on one of the steps / concepts. I would like to create a QR code that opens an Evernote Note on my iPhone4S running Evernote 5 for iOS. However, I DO NOT want each and every stranger or random person who stumbles upon that QR to be able to scan it and read my Evernote Note contents. It seems like creating a link to a note in Evernote generates a URL which is then publically accessible on the web for anyone to read. Is this correct or incorrect? Is there a way to create a private / confidential link to an Evernote Note which would be accessible with a mobile device? If so, then I can accomplish what I would like to do. Any thoughts? -matt
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