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  1. This might be of interest to some: http://www.zdnet.com/yes-you-can-use-the-new-chromebook-offline-7000006103/ I have been playing quickly with these features and can confirm that gmail works really well offline - reading and writing. So does the gdrive - although have only checked gdocs so far and not the spreadsheet or presentation module. Again seems to sync automatically. GCal is - as the article says, still limited - read only. I am currently using the "scratchpad" app which is simple but seems to work well too. It is much simpler than Evernote but for what I need - capturing notes offline and syncing them automatically when I go back online - it is fine. There is a list of offline apps for Chromebooks here. I can't see Evernote My chromebook came with 16 Gbytes of local storage and 200 Gbytes on the cloud (although this is only completely free for the first two years). Best Pete
  2. Hi @grumpymonkey and @wern. Personally I think my work is serious, and I do think Chromebooks will work very well in my world, which is very real for me. I am planning to stop using Evernote, and just use Google docs, and its offline capability. But I am just me. The question for Evernote is perhaps less what I think and more what the market says ie how well Chromebooks sell. I guess we will see over the next 6 months or so. Best Pete
  3. Google docs works fine offline on a Chromebook. So I can't see why Evernote could not?
  4. Hi I wonder if there is any update on this now $250 Chromebooks are starting to appear. I see there are only two Chromebook-related forum entries - but between them as of today they have had 818 views. So it seems they may be some interest in these questions? Pete
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