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  1. I think that generalized comparison between "note-taking" apps is inappropriate without first defining the kind of user. There is a big difference between simple note-taking + clips, versus complex searches and organization of a library of tens of thousands of notes and attachments.
  2. I would caution that flipping between V10.2.6 and legacy EN and back again caused me a lot of problems (But perhaps it was just me? Speculation: perhaps a problem with EN installing multiple databases in different locations??) IMHO I would recommend that most users stick with the legacy version until V10 become more stable and functional.
  3. EN helper (EN v10.3.6) was furiously reading and writing to disk (many GB), and using 100% of a CPU, slowing down other mac processes. I "solved" this by deleting all the EN caches using App Cleaner. I now have a sedate EN using 10-20% of CPU—and my laptop lap-burn is healing nicely ;~) (Caveat: I have no idea if this would be effective or safe for others). (mac OS 10.15.7 macbook: EN 10.3.6 database: 30,000+ notes, with 2700 pdf attachments)
  4. Mac has a newer keyboard shortcut: cmd-shift-5. You can then chose whether to save a clip to the desktop, or the clipboard. This is more versatile than evernote helper.
  5. Encryption within EN is currently not working. However, attaching password-protected mac Pages documents or PDF documents still works. Opening these summons the appropriate PW dialogs in Pages or Preview (for PDF's): https://www.evernote.com/shard/s70/sh/971005e3-7825-3c42-be4b-adaea9c6ef2c/125b6fa0552e3b3a25938d47581aba7a (It seems to me that PW-protection might be important for shared notes where some sections may need to be protected from certain users.) (mac OS 10.15.7 macbook: EN 10.3.6 database: 30,000+ notes, with 2700 pdf attachments)
  6. Given that mac EN v10 is on life-support for many of us, I am definitely not going to add one more potential variable to the mix by upgrading to Big Sur!
  7. Yes, this feature seems to be broken: only a subset of available tags show up. If you use the tag keyboard shortcut (ctrl-opt-cmd-t) you get the full set of tags, and the list adjusts as you type more characters. (mac OS 10.15.7; EN 10.3.6)
  8. Sympathy. Deep breaths. This has happened to me intermittently with different version 10 installations, AND the browser version of EN. Quitting and re-launching (or refreshing the browser window) can help, but the app appears to be unstable. Anecdotally, I think it's best to keep the app open all the time once it's behaving somewhat reasonably. [Might I recommend Russian as a good source of curse words?] (mac 10.15.17; EN 10.3.6)
  9. Offline searching still works for text and downloaded web pages, but not for attached PDF documents. Searching is THE key feature that has allowed me to create my whole workflow within EN. I would gladly pay double to have the main functionalities restored. (mac OS 10.15.7; EN 10.3.6)
  10. The database may be there, but I cannot search the whole DB for text within pdf attachments when offline. (I'm pretty sure this worked in V 7). "Find within note" does work on a pdf attachment, but only after a single note itself has been opened. (mac OS 10.15.7; EV v 10.3.6)
  11. I, too, got "laptop burn" with earlier version. Evernote Helper (Renderer) process routinely used 100% CPU. The problem persisted after updating to V 10.3.6. (Legacy version still has has overall superior performance and features.) [mac OS 10.15.7, EN 10.3.6]
  12. Glad to hear you like some of the new features, but have sympathy for the folks with major problems. It has taken me literally days to get even marginal performance on my two EN installations after upgrading. The web browser version routinely stalls and gives me the "whirling green caterpillar of death". (The only "insecticide" is logging out of the website).
  13. My only caveat is that creating a local database for a new installation can take a long time. My DB of 30,000 notes occupies 16GB of data and took almost a week to download. Patience is required, and I recommend leaving the app open non-stop. Download can be monitored using Activity Monitor-Downloads, or using App Cleaner to to view the number of evernote files in the /Containers or /Group Containers folders (my preference).
  14. Presumably you are using Safari browser? The web clipper extension is still working using a Chrome browser extension on a mac (EN V. 10.1.7), or by clicking on the contextual menu (right-click on page). Let's hope that integration with mac/safari will be fixed at some point.
  15. @gbarry: My database is not at this location. (app V 10.1.7 downloaded from App Store) It is in ~/Library/Containers IIRC the evernote app version downloaded directly from evernote.com creates a database in ~/Library/Group Containers (PS I'm sure we all sympathize with how you must be stressed by the current dust-storm at EN. Keeping my fingers crossed that things will be sorted out: my database of 30,000 notes has taken several years to create and I use EN all the time for my work. Deep breaths.)
  16. I have found that downloading (and re-indexing?) a database can take several days, depending on the size. This is not for the faint of heart. I recommend keeping the app continuously logged in.
  17. This problem occurred on two separate macs with shared Notebooks immediately AFTER I updated to High Sierra.
  18. I have the latest OS and EN versions as mhelphant, and had the same problem with local EN. (Web-based EN works fine). I rebuilt the database as described above. Search, and viewing "All Notes", were successfully restored for about a day — But then stopped again today.
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