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  1. Glad to hear this is working for you, but I have tried this for two installations and both times the app's appear to conflict: switching from Legacy to 10.4.4 results in the dreaded white screen, 10+ minute load, 2 minutes to view a single note contents, and 200% cpu usage.
  2. My experience is that the EN 10.4.4 update did not address the "white window" problem that many of us have confronted. Shane has stated that the white window issue is under investigation. My suggestion: install the Legacy Version, which works well, and wait for news.
  3. Depending on your previous installations, and on whether you have used App Store or evernote.com for downloads, your offline, synced database can exist in three different locations (not sure why). Updates may therefore require the creation of a whole new offline database. This can take a substantial amount of time (even a week). For me EN appears to download a few notes at a time, but then seems to go to sleep. I suggest two approaches to speed this up: 1. Keep the app open at all times 2. Occasionally do searches or click on a notebook -- just do stuff -- and EN will wake up. You can check on the progress of this download in a couple of ways 1. Look at the number of "All Notes" when connected to the internet versus when offline: you'll find that the latter gradually approaches the former. 2. If you have App Cleaner you can monitor the size of the database and the number of files. I was amazed to learn that this can contain several hundred thousand files
  4. I would hate to lose the "Recent Notes" list. Even better: just show "Recent Notes" as a tab, with a triangle button drop-down to open up the list when required—just as is already found with Shortcuts, Notebooks, Tags Reducing clutter is good.
  5. Have you tried: cmd-A cmd-C cmd-P -- save as pdf (e.g. to desktop)
  6. I use the mac built-in screen capture function: cmd-shift-3 for all the screen cmd-shift-5 for more customizable options The capture is sent to your favorite destination (e.g. Desktop) and can then be dragged into the EN app icon, creating a new note which pops up on the screen.
  7. Click on the Search box and enter your tag name. The results will include a tag result at the bottom of the list. Click on this.
  8. For me EN 10.4.4 runs just as fast on a 9 year old mac with 10.13.6, versus a 3 year old mac with OS 11.0.1 (Big Sur). Santa hasn't visited yet, so I can't comment on Silicon macs.
  9. True. Unfortunately, I don't know of way to do this systematically: each PDF needs to be changed one-by-one—which is hard work for a database of 10,000 PDFs.
  10. IIRC I saw somewhere that the size limit on attachments on V 10+ (20MB?) will be lifted in the future.
  11. Fascinating! It's exciting to learn that V10 can work i.e. that glacial performance is a user-specific bug rather than an inherent consequence of the new design. (I distinguish the dramatic change in performance from the numerous features that are currently unavailable—as has been reported by many users). I'd love to know how many others have had your experience.
  12. Not clear if this "design" was for the benefit of the user or an unfortunate side-effect. Scrolling though a list of notes and being able to have a preview of the page content is an important functionality. The whole beauty of EN is the ability to search through tons of material to find that obscure something that one knows is there. The EN 10 design is definitely a down-grade for me.
  13. This pretty much sums up all my questions about the myriad lost features and hobbled performance of the new version of EN. Perhaps the majority of the reported quarter billion (!) EN users are simple note-takers and haven't noticed the difference?
  14. The latest versions of the Web Clipper extension (7.13.6) for mac Safari is now working well for clipping PDF pages (for me, at least). The version for Chrome also works. mac OS 10.13.6; 10.15.7; 11.0.1 EN Legacy (7.14.1) and 10.4.4
  15. Is the PDF format essential? If you simply select all the contents (cmd-A), open a new note in EN, then paste the contents (cmd-V) you'll create a new note with all the contents. This has the benefit of retaining live web links, unlike the PDF format. The old EN had a great system-wide shortcut to directly paste material selected within a wide range of apps directly into a new note: ctrl-cmd-V. (This shortcut could also be modified in the Preferences section.) This was one of my most useful tools, and I hope that it returns in a future update of EN 10.
  16. It's nice to hear that "Share" is still working on iOS, but it has been a loss for those of us who mainly use mac OS.
  17. My experience has been different. Version 10+ is almost completely inoperative offline, despite having slowly created a 30+ GB database after installation of the app. Perhaps I'm a rare case, but having the ability to work offline was an important feature for me. (I am still unclear how many of the limitations of EN 10+ are baked-in aspects of the new design, versus bugs that weren't caught or fixed prior to release.) (mac OS 10.13.6; 10.15.7; OS 11.0.1; EN 10.4.4; EN Legacy)
  18. An interesting concept, but for me EN 10.4.3 "processed" for about 2-3 minutes each time, before eventually creating the new note.
  19. I have tried EN 10.4.3 offline, with partial success: a) very slow b) days delay before a new database was gradually recreated, allowing searching c) text within attachments no longer searchable (e.g. .pdf, .pages) Conclusion: designed "features", or bugs? I'll add my comments to the suggestions page and cross my fingers. BTW V 10.4.3 appears to be faster and more stable than previous V 10 iterations.
  20. The latest update of Mac Safari Web Clipper (V 7.13.6) is now working well for me on EN legacy and V. 10.4.3. A great relief.
  21. My problem was with trying to switch between versions installed on the same machine.
  22. Downgrading to the Legacy Version is probably your safest bet. Depending on how your system is set up, EN may need to create a new version of your database in a new location. Depending on the size of your database, this can take a long time—several days in my case—so I would recommend leaving the app running so it can do its stuff. Notes created in either version should be synced with the online version, and I haven't had any problems of losing notes between versions.
  23. In my hands, launching EN V10+ can take minutes. There appears to be a lot of activity going on behind the scenes. I suggest waiting a few minutes, quitting if nothing happens, and launching again will eventually result in a "successful" launch. I recommend leaving the app ON once it starts to behave! (Yes, this is anecdotal, but has worked for multiple installations for me).
  24. Depending on the version, and whether the mac app was downloaded from the App store or evernote.com, my mac installations have been in different places: in ~/library/containers or /group containers After a complete purge of ALL evernote-related files (AppCleaner and Installer), a fresh installation of mac v10.3.7 went into /application support. (Rebuilding the database took days, but at least the app is stable for me (albeit hobbled). Regarding export/backup, the current version only permits 50 notes at a time to be exported, and only in .enex format. Do you have a recommended approach for backup on mac, or are you relying on the legacy version, for now?
  25. A while ago (between EN updates?) the Evernote Web Clipper extension for the mac Safari browser stopped clipping PDFs. The Chrome extension still works.
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