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  1. i am definitely seeing zippier performance and less CPU usage with the latest update to mac EN 10.6.9.
  2. I am finding no problems that are specific to the mac M1 platform. What exactly are you seeing? macOS 11.1 EN 10.6.9
  3. I agree that this may be the most rigorous approach, but would caution users that completely rebuilding a database can a LONG time if you have lots of notes, so patience is required before EN performs at its full potential.
  4. Safari/Web Clipper is working perfectly for me on an M1 mac and an older Intel one running macOS 11.1. Is EN behaving normally, apart from web-clipping? Is WC working for other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera? Presumably you have tried uninstalling the Safari WC extension, downloading a fresh copy of the WC app, and then re-installing on Safari? This worked for me a few months ago when Safari/WC was misbehaving (macOS 10.15.7).
  5. All my previous PDF attachments are still present with Mac EN 10.6.9, and new ones can be created after update to this version. Searching for text in the database correctly pulls up all the notes with the appropriate attachments. However, this apparently only works while online: all the notes are still visible offline, but search will not find them. I am not clear what EN support was referring to.
  6. Once the database was downloaded (about a week) my new M1 Macbook Air has performed well. I checked the time to sequentially load the body of 10 notes with sizeable contents and consistently got an average of 1.5 s per note. An old (9years) imac performed better at 1 s per note. Overall, EN 10.5.7 performance has been decent for me. However, every time I have to shut down the app and then re-launch (M1 and Intel mac) the app freezes or operates glacially, taking at least a couple of hours before working properly. (I haven't submitted a Support Ticket).
  7. My largest note is 23 MB. If there are network problems they must be at the server end. This pace of download was identical when I recently did s clean install on a new mac. On the mac, using "Activity Monitor" the download process would often stop or do a MB in an hour. Interestingly, last year, when I had to do a clean install of Legacy on a mac the download proceeded much faster. Prior to upgrade, in two mac's the Legacy version was in one location, but the upgrade automatically installed in ~/Library/Application Support which took about a week. It seems plausible that this requirement to slowly generate a new database may have been responsible for many users' initial problems with blank notes after upgrading to EN 10+.
  8. For me, the process was VERY slow, so patience is required. After nearly a week with the app running the offline note contents are still gradually downloading. Checking the "iPAd Storage" section of the ipad shows that EN takes up nearly 15 GB, which is getting close to the size of my database on my DT mac. (I have 32K+ notes). I'll continue to leave the app open.
  9. Using EN 10.2, download of my two largest notebooks on iPad stalled for me (about one third of note contents missing offline). Updating to EN 10.3 had no effect on the large notebooks, but the smaller notebooks have now started to download. The size of the database has increased by less than a GB in a couple of days, so it looks as though I'm in for a long wait, but I'll continue to leave the app open continuously and see what happens. At least for me, offline access to my content is much more important with my iPad than with DT mac.
  10. Thanks, Shane. I hope the PDF search capability will be restored for the mac DT version, too.
  11. I'm in a similar situation, with 10+K notes in my "Literature" notebook, alone. There was probably a good reason for this design change (e.g. reduced bandwidth for complex notes?), but I hope that the option of a global full-view setting will be restored at some point. From Ian Small's recent video, I get the sense that the company is more interested in adding or restoring "features" than fixing the terrible problems that many users are having in getting even minimal functionality with EN 10+. Still loving EN (it's like a life-support system for someone with a declining memory), and keeping my fingers crossed that EN doesn't lose too many paying customers due to the debacle.
  12. A couple of approaches that work for me: 1. --Create an EN address in your Contact list (with the address corresponding to your unique EN email) - e.g. call it "EVER" --Select the item you want to Share --Click the "Send In Mail" option in your Print Menu --Address to "EVER". --Send. This will create a PDF note in EN. 2. The "Share" menu in apps such as the Finder or Photos also now has Email to "EVER" in the list of options. This approach worked for everything I have tried, even with password-protected Pages or Numbers files. As noted elsewhere by one of our EN gurus (I don't recall who), you can even save the material with a note title, notebook and tags by editing the Subject line of the email using the following format: Subject: YOURNOTETITLE@YOURNOTEBOOKNAME#YOURTAGNAME
  13. While Keep It has some attractive features, in my trial, only about 60% of notes imported correctly.
  14. Exactly what are you trying to do that doesn't work in EN 10?
  15. When the note list is in focus the title will be surrounded by a blue box. This will turn grey if you shift the focus to the note contents. According to the new set of shortcuts (can see full list using cmd-/) cmd-| will move the focus back to the note list and restore the up/down arrows to move through the list of notes. (NB the | character is the vertical bar character above the return key—first time in 45 years that I have used this key!)
  16. The popup is especially galling because it seems to hype what's "coming soon"—but the future appears to focus on EXTRA features, not the current performance debacle. Of course I'm delighted by new (or restored) features: I just hope this philosophy is not distracting the programmers from launching a stable app.
  17. I had glacial performance around the same time—could this be a variable server problem, rather than an issue with the app itself?
  18. I have the following problems when trying to search my database offline: 1. The search box often refuses to accept text input 2. Depending on the search term, Search is extremely slow (e.g. 2-4 minutes), making it virtually unusable. 3. Global Search cannot find text within the PDF sections of notes — but if a specific note is selected first, Search within note does work. 4. Returning to "all notes" after completing a search takes ~15 seconds Is it just me? intel mac's: OS: 10.13.6; 10.15.7; 11.1 EN: 10.5.7 iPad Air (3rd generation) 30K+ notes, 16+ GB database (NB not really a "Level 5"!)
  19. Screen cap is working fine for me in EN 10.5.7 ctrl-cmd-del (or the funky elephant, if that's your style) What exactly are you seeing? (Please share details of the OS, EN version, and any other things that might be relevant.)
  20. I'm curious why one would want to store emails as PDF files. (Not a criticism, just curious). In my own case, my email client offers plenty of options for saving, filing and searching emails. It has never occurred to me to send email to EN. EN is very versatile, so we all use it to address different needs, and I think Premium subscribers get tremendous value for money (especially once the performance and stability kinks are ironed out from V 10+)
  21. Have you tried forwarding emails (using mac mail) to your unique EN address, automatically creating a new note? The note takes on the title of your email message.
  22. Screen Capture is working with a keyboard shortcut in version 10.5.6 : ctrl-cmd-del
  23. I have a Premium subscription, but I had a white screen on three different mac's after installing V 10.4.4. After trying a wide range of different things I was eventually able to get all three installations working reasonably well, but unfortunately I wasn't able to identify a consistent fix. The white screen problem returned after quitting and re-starting the app on 2 out of three installations, so I'm leaving the app open full-time. A white screen appears to be a symptom of more than one problem. mac OS 10.13.6; 10.15.7; 11.0.1 EN Legacy (7.14.1) and 10.4.4 (Not really a Level 5 commenter—minor bug)
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