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  1. It's helpful to hear about your personal experience PE, but I think it's a mistake to generalize, since I (and I suspect many other users) have had a very different experience. Obviously, we all have a unique combinations of configurations and databases. In my case, I have observed the EN 10+ series on 4 mac's with a variety of OS's (from a trusty 10-year-old iMac running OS 10.13.6 to a spanking new M1 macbook running OS 11.1). Overall, I have found a steady improvement in performance between the EN 10 updates, and when EN is running well, it now performs about as well as Legacy (with the benefit of some new features). I now have fewer problems with failed launches, white screens, blank notes, strange hyeroglyphic characters, and glacial performance. So I'm encouraged by the work going on behind the scenes, but we still have a way to go regarding stability. I have refrained from filing a support request, partly because their support system appeared to be overwhelmed for a while, but mainly because I haven't had a problem that I could reliably reproduce (the definition of instability). [Currently running EN 10.7.6].
  2. I have absolutely no doubt that the EN team is well aware of the problems with EN 10+ (by problems I mean big things like white pages or empty notes, slow performance, instability etc.—as distinct from bugs or changes in "features", which may or may not be addressed in future updates). From watching these thread for many weeks I can only think of a limited number of explanations 1) They don't know how to fix the problem 2) Developers are focusing on new features, not fixing the basic problems 3) Perhaps only a small fraction of users are having problems: EN 10+ is working well enough for most users that EN management is just crossing its fingers, hoping that they won't lose too many subscribing customers. 4) They know what's going on, but it will take a lot of work, so they are asking users with problems to stick to the Legacy version until the the problems can be fixed. 5) They know what the problem is, but it cannot be fixed using the the new platform. Personally, I would have a lot more respect for EN management if they would just keep users informed with the current state of EN 10+ development, rather than going "dark". I would have a lot more patience if I knew what was going on, and these discussion forums wouldn't need to be swamped with many thousands of seemingly similar or related complaints.
  3. There are many ways to capture a screen, and I haven't noticed any problems using EN 10.6.9. Tell us exactly what you are trying to do, plus EN version #, OS, etc. (Perhaps include a screen capture?)
  4. Toggles: opt-cmd-S for search opt-cmd-2 for All Notes (this clears the search) enter opt-cmd-S again to start a fresh search
  5. THX. It's good to know that offline search can work. Time for a Service Ticket. (FWIW I am not seeing any problems with online search on macOS or iOS.)
  6. For me, iOS 10.4 eventually allowed me to download virtually all of my note attachments for offline viewing. However, Search only returns fewer than 5% of the notes that I know have a particular search term. Is offline search behaving for you in iOS?
  7. Tell us EXACTLY what you are doing, and what result you are getting. We all use EN tools in different ways, so it can be hard to understand other people's problems. All three screen capture options work well for me. The ability to append multiple captures into a single note appears to have been eliminated—not something that's important to me, but I'm sure some folks depend on it. Of course, one option would be to merge a series of captured images into a single note. Personally, I find that using the mac screen cap shortcut ctrl-opt-cmd-5 is more useful, since it allows a clip to be emailed to EN, together with the option of editing Title, Notebook and Tabs.
  8. I'm no expert, but it's my understanding that the M1 handles memory differently https://www.macworld.com/article/3597569/m1-macs-memory-isnt-what-it-used-to-be.html One consequence is that the Activity Monitor can show memory usage of 25 GB total, even with a nominal RAM of 8GB. However, this generates only a low (green) memory pressure. In a quick trial, with MANY apps and pages open, I found it very hard to push the M1 into the yellow zone. Bottom line, I'm not convinced that the slower performance of EN 10.6.9 versus Legacy is a consequence of insufficient RAM. On the other hand, a fresh install of EN on a new machine (or downloading offline notes on an iPad) can use a lot of CPU (300-400%) and cause the device to get quite warm until a new database is created—especially with a large database.
  9. The subject of the thread is Apple Silicon M1. For me, when it's working, EN 10.6.9 runs slightly slower than Legacy on an Intel mac. However, I've had a lot of trouble trying to switch between old/new on the same mac, so I haven't tried Legacy on the M1 mac. Are you finding that EN affects other apps running at the same time? I don't.
  10. I get a full range of performance from EN 10.6.9: ranging from good (almost as fast as Legacy), all the way to "treacle", to freeze, empty notes, and white screen on startup. I haven't figured out a consistent action associated with this instability, but I have seen a few trends: Most problems occur immediately after launching the app, so I try to leave the app running as much as possible. After launching, the app gradually gets better over a period of hours (weird!). Moving from Legacy to EN 10+ is almost always a disaster, so I try to stay with EN 10+. (mac OS 10.13.6 ..... 11.1)
  11. I don't observe a problem with automatic sync with mac EN 10.6.9.
  12. If I understand you correctly, all you need to do is select the desired notes, copy the app links (ctrl-opt-cmd-C), create new note, and paste in the set of internal links.
  13. Command-tilde (cmd-~) is working fine for me with mac EN 10.6.9 — just remember that the page must be in "normal" view, rather than full-page view. This applies equally to multiple windows in other mac apps.
  14. EN 10.6.9 works reasonably well on mac M1, with slightly faster note rendering than 3, 6, 9-year-old Intel mac's. What, exactly, is the problem you are having? Optimization for a brand new platform is the least of my concerns.
  15. It's possible to create a new button in the mac Share Menu for sending a file to EN 10+. It works for all the file types I have tried, including password-protected files. 1. Create an new address in your Contact list, with the address corresponding to your unique EN email (shown in your Account Info) - e.g. call it "Mail to Evernote" 2.Right-click the item you want to Share, and select Share 3. Click the "Send In Mail" option in your Share Menu 4. Address to "Mail to Evernote" 5. Send -------------- Your Share Menu will now contain a new Recent Item called “Mail to Evernote" To streamline the process (as noted elsewhere by one of our EN gurus—I don't recall who), you can even save the material with a note title, notebook name and tags by editing the Subject line of the email using the following format: Subject: YOUR NOTE TITLE HERE @YOURNOTEBOOKNAME #YOURTAGNAME
  16. 1. The note scroll bar is very faint (even for people with good eyesight), and doesn’t conform to typical mac format (for example, the scroll bar for the note list). 2.. The scroll bar is too narrow. 3. The scroll bar should change to a darker color when the cursor hovers over it, showing that the bar can be active when clicked. 4. The cursor arrow is unusually small, making selection of the bar very tricky, and typically causing the cursor to switch to changing the width of the window (not every user has perfect dexterity).
  17. Just beware that unless you are simply transferring all your files from another machine, a fresh installation of EN on a "virgin" machine can take some time to build the database (days, in my case).
  18. I'm not sure your issue is with the M1 mac. Are you working with a brand new machine, without all your old EN files? If so, EN has to install a completely new database in the "~/Library/Application Support" folder. Depending on the amount of data, this can take a long time, and EN performance can be temporarily impaired. (I have a hunch that changes in the database may be the source of some of the performance problems that have been reported after moving to EN 10+, including downloading app updates from the App store versus directly from EN).
  19. I'm referring to macOS 11.1, EN 10.6.9. I don't do Windows.
  20. If I highlight and copy the "testing links" text, then paste it into a Pages document the link retains the title "testing links", which is just what I need (rather than the cryptic string of characters: evernote:///view/xyz..). Try it for yourself; it works. (When I pasted in the png of my note, EN must have created a live web link on the discussion thread--not my intention)..
  21. Surely the following approach already works for creating a link in common mac app's: ctrl-alt-cmd-C If you paste the link on the clipboard into the note itself the link text takes on the actual title of the note. Now if you copy this link into your external document it will retain the actual title. An example: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s70/nl/7964446/93e148ac-79f3-dbca-baf7-eb1d212e4f3b?title=testing links -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. Agreed. My main concern is that the EN 10 updates seem to have focused more on adding features than on basic stability and operability. I only hope that adding more features is not confounding the efforts to achieve stability. (For me, one of the priceless features retained in EN 10+ is Version History, since I use EN as my main work environment. EN is my second brain.)
  23. After a fresh installation it will take a while (sometimes a long while) before all the text in PDFs is searchable even though the individual note already exists. In fact, I use this test as a way of determining whether the installation is complete. I recommend leaving the app open all the time, so that it can "do its stuff".
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