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  1. I see how to do that now. Thanks for letting me know. Turning all my notes into a single celled table, will take a while for me to do manually, but this allows me to use the view setting (Side View) that is the most efficient for me, while still not having to move that horizontal scroll bar. Now when I clicked on the "Match Note Width" option, the cell stretched beyond the visible window, so I had to click on that option again, to bring it back.
  2. I have tried two linux "desktop" (my how terms change their meaning!) versions so far, Tusk & NixNote2. I think I see what some have been saying, that the desktop linux clients simply reproduce the web view. That was exactly the case with Tusk. NixNote2, however, so far seems to reproduce the Windows desktop client, which gives me a lot more flexibility. I have attached a screenshot below. Also--please keep in mind that this is after only a few minutes of tinkering--it appears to let me work offline, which is very important. Of course in this day & age I am almost always online, but there are times when I do want to just simply work and not worry about getting someone's wifi password, etc. So that is important. I closed out NixNote2 and then re-opened it, and found my changes still there, even though there had been no sync with evernote web. So that is good. It appears that I will struggle to reproduce the UI experience I had with OneNote, but so far, I can move forward. I did see in NixNote the ability to work in what it called "presentation mode," which eliminates everything from your window except the note itself. I didn't see that in OneNote, but I can see if I am going to be doing a lot of typing, this would actually open up to me a lot more screen real estate for what I want to do, than the OneNote UI ever did. Home.desktop
  3. OK, I logged in and found a setting that says something like "New" evernote for firefox. I'm not sure if this is your classic or beta. I guess what I had before was previous? Yes, it would have to be. After choosing the new view, I clicked on my account icon and found an option to "Switch to previous version of evernote." How do I get the beta web version? That might be worth taking a test drive on, when I'm done with New whatever I'm in now.
  4. You said "one version or another"--does that mean there is a beta or an alternate view for Evernote Web? Or is this just something I read into your comment that you didn't intend?
  5. gazumped, I see that too--and I was accessing it through the Windows version. I see that same popup window, but I'm just not sure how I can widen or lengthen a cell in that menu.
  6. can you explain how to adjust the table? I can only seem to insert text inside a cell, but no matter what I click on, I can't seem to get the cell boundaries to move at all. Even when I get my mouse to make the "move boundary" symbol (the vertical line with arrows pointing both to the left and the right), I can't seem to get the boundary moving to the left of the note field at all.
  7. If I could get the Side List view to work for me, I think I'd still prefer that, so if anyone else has a solution, I'm all ears. But at least I have something that can work.
  8. I see that. Yes, it does. Now Top List view decreases the number of tags that I can see, but I think I'd rather deal with that, b/c once I identify which note I want to see, I click on that in the Tags section, and then all I read is the text in the note panel. I got rid of the toolbar that had Print and Sync buttons on it, and that opened up more space for me. Thanks, I appreciate the helpful reply. There does appear to be a fair amount of unused space (the Tags section now on top does have a lot of white space, and the name of the notebook just above that has a lot of grey area, but at least I'm not constantly shifting from one scrollbar to another.
  9. I just found out that I can adjust the three columns in the view--the one on the left showing the notebooks, the middle column with the tags, as well as the right one with the text of the notes. I moved the left two columns a bit more leftwards, and it appears to have cleared up the horizontal scrollbar in some notes, but it still remains in others.
  10. Sorry but I'm not sure how to put this properly into words. In the text of a note, that appears on the right side of my window, the text itself rolls past the visible section of the note. This necessitates a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the note section, and to read all the text, I have to move the bar to the right. Is there a way to force the entire row to stay visible in the window, so I don't have to use that horizontal scroll bar? I am ok with using a vertical scroll bar, to read long documents its usually used anyways. But having to switch back and force is annoying and slows down the reading. You can see what I'm talking about in the screenshot. I'd like to keep all the text in the Note entitled "Longitudinal Axis..." visible, so that the horizontal scroll bar identified with the red arrow, is not used.
  11. Thanks for your replies to my threads. This is looking a bit more different from OneNote than I thought. I'm going to give Cherry Tree notes app a lookover, that is functioning just like I was looking for. I do appreciate your replies, though.
  12. I would like to have some of the tags appear only under one of the notebooks. See the screenshot. I would like some of the tags years, circled, to appear not in one massive section (Tags), but directly under the name of the notebook, where that red arrow is. Is there a way to get this? I will end up having a few dozen tags at least, and I'd prefer them to be organized within particular notebooks. Or is there something other than tags, I should be using?
  13. OK, I see tags now in the web interface that I opened up today. I'm ok with tags.
  14. I am not interested in starting a debate on what OSes Evernote should support with native clients. I am just interested in asking Linux users here, what the best experience has been. I am primarily interested in doing work on my laptop. I can live with using a web version, but occasionally I do work without an internet connection and would want at least the ability to work offline (temporarily) until I could sync them, although I'll be moving over from an installed version of OneNote, so I really don't want/need the online sync, and quite frankly would prefer to avoid it if I could. Anyways, I have heard of Everpad, Tusk, NixNote2, Whatever. Has anyone here tried them, or any other Linux clients? Thoughts or pitfalls? Again, I'd prefer the one that does allow me to work offline. Also, at least 3 levels of hierarchy are also important to me. I would prefer a quick & easy import process from OneNote, but I could live without that and manually paste in my notes, if I could just have offline capabilities.
  15. Great. That did it! And just for anyone else, after clicking on the Side List view, I could change & adjust the sorting order. In DTLow's pic, see the word "Title." Right clicking on that row gave me the option to select other categories, not just title. And of course, they are/can be sorted in the ascending/descending order, when you click on that particular column. Thanks!
  16. I have multiple notes inside a given tag. See the picture. In the middle column, the All Notes section, the rows are a few lines high. I would like to shrink the rows, to include only the top line (so as to keep more of these rows in view, without having to scroll down. Is there a way for me to eliminate the material in the red lines, so each of the rows shows only the title that is in the top row? For instance, in the picture, when I am done I would only see "Northern Economic Domination" & "1850s Foreign Policy."
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