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  1. I had the same reaction, sadly. Why not let the actual free user keep their free account (kind of when Google apps removed their free tier).This website seems to be an alternative : http://blogwith.co I'm gonna try it. Hello Thanks for testing out the app. My name is Bryan currently contributing to Blogwith.co Let me know if you faced any issues. I've been trying blogwith for a bit and am having lots of problems - the entries do not consistently post. At first I moved all of the postach.io notes into the blogwith notebook, and batch added the appropriate tags. Nothing posted. I went back and deleted/re-added the tags to some posts, but while a few appear, most still do not.
  2. definitely interested. not too many responses here, but considering how high up on google's search this post is, i'd say there is lots of interest.
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