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  1. I've been using it about 2 weeks, I'm finding my 3-Soon box is a bit overloaded, but I did have around 1000 emails in my inbox I'm clearing out slowly.. The only thing I've found annoying is I often want to reply to an email I've sent to ever note and include the content, I wish it was more seamless, I know you can save your emails to your desktop and then pull those into evernote but thats not as seamless as clicking Apple-E ( script) to send all current inbox items to evernnote... I like it, I think its 75% of the way there for me, just needs some fine tuning 1) Being able to "reply" to an item in evernote and include the content if it was originally an email 2) I need to figure out if I need a "today", "tomorrow" and "this week" instead of "now", "next", "soon"... Grant.
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