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  1. Perhaps email-to-Evernote would be a faster solution for you, using the same Rube Goldberg setup you already have.
  2. I'm not sure I understand your workflow, and I've never had an Eye-Fi card, but I'll mention that IFTTT supports Evernote. So maybe there's a solution there via Dropbox or somesuch. https://ifttt.com/evernote
  3. Ha! Well, it seems Evernote has "fixed" this problem by removing the Places feature completely. I won't miss it, given that it wasn't very useful.
  4. I was not all happy with the previous version, so I do consider this one a step forward. But I would like to see the bug (?) addressed where photo thumbnails are always shown in landscape orientation, even when the photo is taken in portrait orientation.
  5. I like Drafts a lot, but I've noticed that Notes created using it don't have any location data associated with them. Any ideas on how to avoid this problem?
  6. I think this new design is much better than the last version, which I viewed as very flawed. But I do miss the blue indicator if a note has been synced. I'm also experiencing a problem with portrait iPhone photos in a note. They're coming out rotated 90-degrees in both thumbnail view, and on the Evernote web client. The last version of Evernote on the iPhone would display and rotate these to the correct orientation.
  7. Sorry, travelfan, I appreciate the effort but your app is no substitute. I did try it out, but it requires you to tag every note that you want to appear in the map. And the tag has to contain the geolocation information. That's not useful, in my opinion, as Evernote has already attached the note's location so having to manually repeat it inside your tag seems silly. I'm sure there's some sort of reason, but for me, it's too much work and does not provide the great functionality that Evernote used to have before they changed the UI.
  8. Sadly, Atlas isn't very useful because its focus is too high level. You can't see locations for a notebook, only all your notebooks at one. RyEN - In case you weren't aware, you can edit a location of a note using the Web access to your notebook. See http://www.gordonmeyer.com/2012/01/how-to-change-the-location-data-of-an-evernote-note.html
  9. Don't waste your time fiddling with device-side workarounds. (Turn off networking, paste, quit, do a little dance, etc.) It is already acknowledged to be a server-side error so there's nothing you can do except (im)patiently wait for them to finally fix it for good.
  10. funny how EN staff continue to respond to threads that pat them on the back, but when there is a complaint, it's met with nothing but silence.
  11. Any ETA on the fix being deployed? I have experienced this problem every single day this year. (How's that for melodramatic!)
  12. The new Atlas view is missing the ability to filter notes. It only shows you all notes, from all notebooks. Not very useful for me. Even in 5.0.4.
  13. EN4 for iPhone used to allow you to view places per notebook. This feature has been removed in EN5, quite sadly. It seems odd that Evernote would rip out a useful feature like that, but they have.
  14. Unlike Mike, I'm skeptical that filtering notes on Atlas will ever return, after it was ignobly removed from EN4 for iPhone. I'm in complete agreement that Atlas needs a lot of attention to make it useful.
  15. Sorry, but after paying a premium for the notebook, I don't find it acceptable that I have to turn to some randomuser YouTube video to figure out what the darn stickers mean. This isn't hard, it's called basic customer service.
  16. Just to add a little data, on the hope that someone at Evernote cares about this issue, I am using Evernote 4 (don't like v5) so this is more likely a server-side problem than a client problem. Also, I travel by car, and it happened all the way across the country and was not localized to any particular region.
  17. I'm not confusing anything, you're trying to soft peddle the situation. The data is not encrypted, thus it is not stored in a protected form. You're right that Evernote does not claim otherwise, and never has. So when someone asks if there is a possibility that others will have access to their data (which happened in this very thread) my answer is 100% correct: Other users are not supposed to have access to your data, but if there is a bug or security breach, then yes your notes are readable by others.
  18. The issues with Skitch, EN5, etc are indicative of the care and QA ability that Evernote provides. The best way to judge a company is by their actions. And Evernote's recent actions don't engender faith, in my opinion. This forum has plenty of people having server-side sync errors. Particularly with notes containing photos. This is not user error as you stated, the problem is on the Evernote servers. Again, indicative of overall QA and customer concern. But most importantly, if your data is not encrypted than your information is vulnerable. Period. Without encryption there is no failsafe. So again, all you have is faith. Clearly you have a lot of faith. But let's just agree that other customers might have reasons to be more skeptical than you are. And certainly every customer should know there data is not stored in a protected form. There's no good in trying to obfuscate that point.
  19. It's disappointing that after paying a premium price for the notebook, there's no indication at all about what the stickers mean and how they'll be interpreted by Evernote.
  20. So the bottom line is that other people are not supposed to be able to see your notes, but the only thing preventing them from doing so is your faith in Evernote, Inc. (Given the problems with Skitch, Evernote 5, and ongoing issues syncing photos it's up to you to decide if that faith is well-placed.)
  21. It's not a blip, it's not iPhone, and it's not you. It has been going on for over a month, but Evernote doesn't seem to care. See this long thread: <
  22. I'm with you, BREL. Not only did Evernote 5 ruin the functionality of Places/Location, now I can't sync house photos at all. I'm sorry I signed up for Premium. If I were still a free member, at least I could shrug it off as "you get what you pay for." Ah, the irony there.
  23. I can confirm that I seem to only receive this error on notes that contain photos. (Typically, a note that contains only a photo.)
  24. It's not quite true that Evernote staff doesn't respond. But it does seem they respond more often to positive feedback. (Imagine that.) It would be nice to know if this issue is on their radar at all.
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