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  1. Don't waste your time fiddling with device-side workarounds. (Turn off networking, paste, quit, do a little dance, etc.) It is already acknowledged to be a server-side error so there's nothing you can do except (im)patiently wait for them to finally fix it for good.
  2. Any ETA on the fix being deployed? I have experienced this problem every single day this year. (How's that for melodramatic!)
  3. Just to add a little data, on the hope that someone at Evernote cares about this issue, I am using Evernote 4 (don't like v5) so this is more likely a server-side problem than a client problem. Also, I travel by car, and it happened all the way across the country and was not localized to any particular region.
  4. It's not a blip, it's not iPhone, and it's not you. It has been going on for over a month, but Evernote doesn't seem to care. See this long thread: <
  5. I'm with you, BREL. Not only did Evernote 5 ruin the functionality of Places/Location, now I can't sync house photos at all. I'm sorry I signed up for Premium. If I were still a free member, at least I could shrug it off as "you get what you pay for." Ah, the irony there.
  6. I can confirm that I seem to only receive this error on notes that contain photos. (Typically, a note that contains only a photo.)
  7. I'm having the same problem, but I'm on Evernote v4. (I installed v5 then rolled back when I realized how bad it was.)
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