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  1. As I said before : the Home screen is important for me. The dark screen too, because an app has to be efficient and pleasant for the eyes. Anyway I'm still using the 7.xx version with the dark theme and I'll not upgrade before the home screen coming back. Maybe never.
  2. If you didn't update the App in Itunes on your computer. It's easy to switch back : Delete Evernote on your phone. Plug it to your computer, open Itunes. Search Evernote in your Apps library. Check the version (7.xx) Drag and drop the Icon of Evernote on the Icon of your phone. The app will be installed on the phone.
  3. I'm just wondering what kind of job you do in the real life ?
  4. I don't know if this mess is going to sink Evernote and I don't wish it. In fact if I had to make a wish, it could be : "Members of the EN team, please, please, read our posts on this forum and give us back EN we knew". Is it too much to ask ?
  5. Yes you're right, for now my notes are married to EN. But I've read somewhere on this forum that there is a way to export EN notes to ON. The problem is I liked EN and if I've chosen EN it was because of the originality of this app. Cleaver and powerful with a hint of fun were the words to describe it when I talked to friends about EN. That's a pity.
  6. Maybe EN 9.0 could have EN 7.x UI. it could be a great improvement, don't you think ?
  7. I have one question to the Evernote team : "Why did you make such a bad and basic app, starting from a very powerful and convenient app ? Do you realize that your customers have no reasons to stick to Evernote ?"
  8. Yes there are ways to go back to the version 7.x, If you search the forum you'll get them.
  9. I can't agree more. I tried OneNote too and hated it, just because as long as I can keep the older version of Evernote, I think there is no better app. I've been a Premium user for 7 years, it will stop this year if the team of Evernote doesn't come back to something as usable and elegant as it was.
  10. No more "Dark theme" because no more "Home screen". I like the "Dark theme" but I miss the "Home screen". For me this is a big mistake. The "Home screen" was the key to all my Evernote content. I've never used the "Notes" list to get what I need in my Evernote. I used "Shortcuts", "Tags", or the "Notebooks" list. It was convenient and the "Dark theme" was elegant. What else do we need ?
  11. Home screen is the key. From it you can go where you want : Shortcuts, Notebooks, Notes, Tags. What else do we need ?
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