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  1. Hi, Could you maybe help me with setting up a watched folder? I've never worked with scripts. I've copied the script given on the mentioned website and copied it into my script editor. But when I try to save it it'll give me the syntax error 'A on:adding folder items to this_folder after receiving these-itemes can't go after this 1.' What went wrong? I just have to copy the script as it is on the website, right? Or do I need to make any alterations? It starts with '01 on adding...' and ends with '38 beep 1'. Your help would be much appreciated! Still a newb at using Macs in general, but I have found workflows and scripts online that have helped me significantly with Evernote: Setting Up Watched Folders on OSX Sending to Evernote on OSX (via right click) I have both of these setup but hardly use the Send to Evernote option. I'm always dropping PDFs and other files into an Evernote folder though. It just works. Either of these options will allow you to quickly get files into Evernote. Let me know if anyone has any questions, and I'll do my best to answer.
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