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  1. I have been using evernote for sometime now (just touched 250notes), and have been an admirer of moleskine notebooks. Recently I was gifted the evernote moleskine smart notebook. I also have just ordered a moleskine weekly planner. Looking for ideas to use these products together in daily life rather than just for those special notes.
  2. I guess i need to get used to tag-ging. I am an amateur user & have been storing notes into notebooks and notebooks into stacks since that is a more traditional way of doing things. I am just too afraid that over a period of time I will lose the idea of organising if i start putting things in the same notebook. Thanks jbenson2. I came across Meshin Calendar which could be useful with reminders. Need to look into that.
  3. Hi Guys I have been trying to organize my life with evernote. I use it for home as well as work. I recently purchased a new car and thought of keeping records/maintenance/reminders with evernote. Initially I looked at some PC software like CarCare. It is quite good but I dont like the idea of a standalone software though it is tailor-made for that purpose and comes with full functionality like reminders, export to file, etc., Is there a way to get something similar out of EN? I welcome your suggestions and tips. Will be posting my research too. To begin with, I have captured the purchase documents and insurance files using PDFScanner for Android with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and uploaded the same to SugarSync, got Public links to those files and put them in a note under my car's Notebook. S Kumar
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