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  1. It seems clear to me that it is a problem that different people have and that it is the same. I don't know if it's because of Google (in any other my app it works) or yours, but does it seem to you that everyone should send you a ticket to indicate the same problem? Update the Desktop app and that's it. After years of Evernote Premium we would ask you for new features, but I realize that if we have problems with the login it is completely useless ...
  2. 1. Lost notes 2. formatting text suddenly disappeared 3. Synchronization between platforms do not work (the tags created in this version is no longer synchronized with Android) 4. new left sidebar does not convince me 5. Persists the absence of hierarchical organization between the notes (available only giving the same extravagant names, preceded by numbers and letters, OneNote, albeit limited, too, but at least something has) 6. I find insufficient the organization through notebooks and stacks. Sometimes I would need to sub-notebooks and sub-stack 7. Evernote Win
  3. After the release of Windows Evernote 6 I decided to end my experience with Evernote. You can no longer use it effectively. The new software is full of bugs and I doubt that you can solve by putting the pieces. I do not lengthen the premium subscription. I have migrated all about OneNote. I am very disappointed.
  4. The tags created with this new version of Windows are not synchronized to Android. Urgent fix. It is not the only problem it seems ... very disappointed. Use evernote is no longer a pleasure. It is becoming a nightmare.
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